After Suicide

Geoff Quinn reported from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco: “… a high school kid jumping on a dare from the end near to us, was picked up by surfers in the water: surviving …” Geoff commented to the topic bridge-jumpers: They say that a second after you jump you say, “actually my problems are not so bad…” frizz-feedback: but for some of us, there was a point of no return …
suicide bridge
photo above by frizztext; many suicides were made, jumping from this steel railroad bridge, 107 meters (351 ft) high, crossing the river Wupper: “Müngsten Bridge” near my German hometown Wuppertal, more at M%C3%BCngsten_Bridge – Muengstener Bruecke

the person, who killed himself in the video:

26 responses to “After Suicide

  1. You’re right. Not everyone is as lucky.


  2. In South Africa we have the Storms Rivier bridge from which many have jumped to their death.


  3. On one point in my life i was near to a suizid
    A friend helpt me out
    I could calll him allways on day or night, he came to me and i spoke about my problems , so i saw my problems with the time in another light.
    This talks brought me back to the life


    • I’m glad, that you had this friend, Wolfgang!
      Below the photo by Geoff Quinn (read above), who daily crosses the Golden Gate Bridge …
      Bridge and Cliff
      click on the picture to enter Geoff’s flickr galleries …


    • aged twenty, I made a test called “Gottesurteil” = GOD’s choice to let us die or let us survive: I crossed in the night swimming a large lake, my girlfriend by my side – but she was not a very good swimmer like me. We tried to reach a camp fire on the other side of the large lake. It was much more far away than we thought: God decided to let us survive – but gave a warning to us: to take more care for the partner and his decisions. Sometimes doubt is a better helper than optimism. In the meantime we are nearly 50 years side by side – and are carefully …


  4. And we have this one what a terrible way to go.


  5. and we have this one in Sydney, not the famous bridge, but The Gap … many lives have been lost here, but others saved by The Angel of The Gap, a man living nearby who talked many back from the edge


  6. the Gap, an ocean cliff
    gives me a flashback to Norway,
    Preikestolen / Pulpit Rock:
    title=”Preikestolen” photo by VVincze


  7. Here is a website for those who are interested in preventing suicides from this iconic span:

    I have worked on the Golden Gate Bridge for over 13 years and it took about a year for me to get used to the idea that people were coming to my workplace and killing themselves. It still saddens me every time it happens, but it no longer surprises me.


    • thanks for your link, Allan:
      “…We have come together to focus public attention on the bridge suicide problem, see that the public is fully informed of the issue and ensure that this ongoing tragedy is finally stopped…”


  8. We have the Gateway Bridge in Brisbane and its developing a reputation for this.


  9. It is a growing problem with many. There are too many pressures and not enough family or communication with each other face to face. My Mother was very seriously mentally ill when I grew up. She had very deep depressions and could not get out of bed. My grandmother was there everyday to help raise us. It is very hard. The people who commit suicide do not realize they leave behind many scared people. Sometimes, if they survive there is a tremendous bodily harm. This is a good post but very sad.
    I wish you well.


  10. This is just awful. A bridge historically and economically built only to be use in putting people in harm’s way. Awful!


  11. There’s a sign on the Tobin bridge in Boston posted by the Samaritans an anti-suicide group with their phone number. Every time I see it I wonder if anyone ever changed their mind and called…


  12. Here’s a link to an article about a man in China who waits and watches on a bridge over the Yangtze in order to stop people from jumping.

    And here’s a link to an article on Don Ritchie, the Angel of the Gap of Syndney, who had saved 160 people, he passed away just this past May.


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