Funny Conductors

Musicians always have the desire, that one is absolutely mute, whereas we only have the desire to be absolutely deaf… [an Oscar Wilde aphorism]
conducting a fish concert
frizztext: Often I saw my music teacher conducting a fish concert in my home town Arnsberg; it was his passion to do so, when he left the school; he relaxed, and tried to forget all those kids, unable to concentrate for a while …
P.S.: a friend of mine, a professional musician, has sent some links about conductors to me – (beg your pardon, some failures in the Aida March): Danny Kaye conduct NYP Aida March

a second youtube link, also sent by my friend: conductor Joseph R. Olefirowicz during a concert of „What’s the use” from Leonard Bernsteins „Candide” at the Vienna Volksoper:


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10 responses to “Funny Conductors

  1. What a wonderful start in the day with this funny videos
    I wish you a day full with music you love


  2. I had seen the one with Danny Kaye but even seeing it a 2nd time I find it so humorous. ~~~~ : – )


  3. Fish concert?!!!!! I would have liked to see that!


  4. “Fish Concert” – That’s a new one for me!


  5. I just love that photo of your music teacher 🙂


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