Where shall I be

Where shall I be, when the first trumpet sounds? Hell, I don’t know – I hope it takes a while …

me, trying to play as fingerstyle guitar instrumental the old gospel “Where Shall I Be, When The First Trumpet Sounds?” for my soundcloud

title=”tuba” photo by MyArtistSoul / Jim, click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries!
another portrait photo of a musician by Jim:
Arturo Sandoval on flugelhorn

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writer, photographer, guitarist

20 responses to “Where shall I be

  1. On a place with guitar music the day and the night long
    And peace


  2. I hope playing beautiful music on your guitar like the above song. Thanks for playing for us..



    • Oh where shall I be when the first trumpet sounds
      Oh where shall I be when it sounds so loud
      When it sounds so loud as to wake up the dead
      Oh where shall I be when it sounds


  3. Really like this one Frizz, great music.


  4. Jackie Paulson

    Wow, you are so amazing!!! Love it Frizz


  5. How cool to hear you play. You are very talented.


  6. Sounds just great. Love the music and the photos. 😉


  7. Thanks! very nice – soothing and happy! Z


  8. Jackie Paulson

    You are so talented…I love to hear your music.


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  10. Tee,hee–I think a lot of us wish for a very, very long trumpet solo in this case, dear Frizz!


  11. Enjoyed your music very much Frizz! Thank you


  12. Ahh, I like this very much. Thanks, again, for the song.


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  14. Lovely, very enjoyable!


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