Weekly Photo Challenge: INSIDE


Inside the cathedral in Cologne, Germany: There was a controverse discussion in Germany about the glass window of the artist Gerhard Richter – not good for a believer, disturbing his prayers, when he has windows which do not tell a bible story? Featuring instead abstract art as liked by the Islam?
Photo by frizztext; for more click on the picture to read the discussions in the flickr photo stream or visit the Cologne blog article at flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/cologne-koln/ – related: flickrcomments.wordpress.com: the weekly photo challenges!weekly-photo-challenge: Inside


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57 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: INSIDE

  1. What a colorful window. You are always at the ready for the weekly challenge! Mine will post tomorrow.


  2. love the window! great post for the weekly challenge,


  3. That’s a very pretty window, and it would really attract my attention too.


  4. If religion is not abstract…I don’t know what is! Take refuge in the abstract!


  5. Wow…that is stunning. Great entry for the challenge!


  6. Interesting pixels.


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  8. 🙂 when one prays, he is supposed to pray in silence not looking around and preferably with his eyes closed ;). The Church and its controversy …. endless topic 😀 Great entry Frizz!


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  14. This “inside” view has me on my knees in prayers of thanks, Frizz, for those artisans who crafted such awesome beauty. Thank you so much for sharing this one!


  15. Amazing capture … Looks more like digital wall


  16. “after the horrible #theatershooting in Colorado I like to retreat inside a cathedral and pray – forgetting all noise, television, discussion about windows – just thankful for: SILENCE INSIDE …”

    that sounds like the right idea…and I love the window


  17. lemontree1

    lovely picture! the window is amazing!


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  19. How beautiful. I also thought that this is degital pattern.


  20. I love stained glass windows.


  21. It’s so beautiful!


  22. Interesting discussion you raised here in this Cathedral glass window – very polemical for some, I’m sure. Still a lovely art work, nonetheless. I read your piece about the Colorado incident, and you’re right. In moments such as those, when everything seems meaningless, retreating into silence is the only way to go.


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  24. Wow, this is stunning! Thanks or sharing.


  25. Gemma

    Religion and controversy. Really? For ages!
    I just want to stop and smell this rose. No controversy here. Very pretty, Frizz.


  26. Thank you for pingback 🙂


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  28. What a stunning ‘glow’…


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  30. This is totally gorgeous! And a great photo idea for this week’s challenge 🙂


  31. one awesome window 🙂


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  33. Wonderful touch! 🙂


  34. beautoful – & thanks for the pingback 🙂


  35. Fabulous window Frizz! Have no idea what that negative comment was about! I only see beauty!


  36. Beautiful and colorful window!


  37. You totally deserve the very inspiring blogger award! http://iaggelidaki.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/i-got-an-award/

    Lots of smiles, ioanna 🙂


    • congratulations!
      and I also
      1 – love pasta
      2 – try to be a positive thinker
      3 – I am a home person
      4 – I’m in love with the sea (but we have no sea)
      5 – We like our cat (and loved the cats & dogs in Greece)
      6 – i paint a bit
      7 – Never was on Crete, sad; but was on Santorini …


  38. Still, an amazing image!


  39. Love the stained glass window – no doubt there will be a few for this week’s challenge. Love how the colours are so vibrant from the inside.


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