Riding On A Rocket

Working with our Personal Computer we do not need anymore a pencil-sharpener or a stapler / stitcher / tucker; we don’t need a blotter and his blotter paper – hey, we are writing faster than ever, we don’t need a postman, some thin airpost-letter-paper, or a slow postship: my father once was proud of his pencil-sharpener like a medieval knight was proud of his sword and shield. But then came the pistols and canons. I feel like riding on a rocket, when I’m writing nowadays …

photos by frizztext; click on the pictures to enter his flickr galleries (and to read the commenzts there)…
thanks for permission to use some old-fashioned objects of his bureau tools collection in his shop-window-museum at Karl-Marx-Allee 74, 10243 Berlin: to Malte Jablonski, www.Buchhalterfabrik.com

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old-fashioned communication technology

to write with a pencil is like walking barefoot on the ground – whereas a PC with wireless technology is like a two mach airplane at least:
SR-71 & F-106s
title=”SR-71 & F-106s” – photo by Tim Heinse = “Alabama Geographer”, on Flickr

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writer, photographer, guitarist

21 responses to “Riding On A Rocket

  1. Schade dass die den gerätschaften eigene taktile komponente verloren gegangen ist
    Das bedächtige handeln


  2. It is a time the younger generation will only read about one day.


  3. dd16591569

    I still have a pencil-sharpener .. I love it .. .. like your post


  4. Love this series of nostalgia.


  5. I love these vintage writing materials Frizz!


  6. That’s a great idea. “riding a rocket.”


  7. comments to the pencil-sharpener from my flickr community:
    maistora (17 hours ago)
    I like to keep a few sharp pencils around – and use them. I don’t use this kind of sharpener, though – just the small ‘manual’ ones. In fact, what I like most of all in a wooden pencil is the act of sharpening with a pocket knife…

    Frizztext (Reply)
    I remember myself sharpening with a pocket knife or a stole kitchen knife – but my father was the proud owner of such a machine – he never allowed me to use it … – like a rich man cannot allow his five year old son to drive his Ferrari …

    Technology has moved on a little bit (Bureaucracy hasn’t )

    B℮n added this photo to his favorites. (15 hours ago)

    onkel_wart (busy) (6 hours ago)
    damit treibt man alles auf die spitze!

    Frizztext (Reply)
    Ich sah einmal eine revolutionäre Karikatur – da wurden Menschen in einem überdimensionalen Bleistift-Anspitzer zurecht gestutzt – Kopf zuerst – wie so eine Art XXXL-Spargel-Schälmaschine …

    Dirigentens (84 minutes ago)
    Ahh – memories 🙂


  8. looks like my house! 🙂


  9. The convenience of a computer and email, etc. is nice, but it’s also a shame to see such a decrease in handwritten cards and letters. Email doesn’t replace the personal touch these provide. I still try to make and snail mail my own cards when time permits.


  10. You are quite the gadget guy! Yahoo!


  11. maistora / Vladimir Dimitroff commented (read above):
    technology has developed (bureaucracy hasn’t )
    = banking has developed (morality hasn’t)
    photo by maistora / Vladimir Dimitroff, click
    on the picture to enter his flickr galleries
    it’s good, if the girl learns early to analyse what could get wrong / too much / dangerous / too wild / out of control; I like humorous metaphor about how helpless we are staring sometimes to the financial crisis…


  12. I still carry my pencil and eraser with me……. 🙂
    old fashioned according to my children but very often very helpful.


  13. The beauty of form and function combined!

    As a child I know how tempted I would have been to turn the handle on the pencil sharpener . . .


  14. All that history…
    I love it, Frizz!


  15. G’day Frizz…After browsing around your posts, and being inspired by them, many writing tips are always welcome, I feel honoured that you are following my blog. Incidently I still have an old state of the art pencil sharpener, this post made me think of older, slower days when you waited anxiously for the mail man.


  16. Argus

    I was given a Kindle: suddenly my whole library has been made redundant.

    The computer relegated the typewriter to the museum along with dip-pens, quills, wax tablets, and wet clay; the e-book reader with wireless technology will close many libraries. Conventional bookshops will become places for collectors of fine prints (and good coffee) only.

    Sadly, I love it!


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