Stork family

My daughter helped me to find a stork family near Berlin (Nudow): mother and father caring for two young storks. They are coming back since 2004 every year – and have mostly three babies …
photos by frizztext, click on the pictures to enter his flickr galleries: there the photos are geotagged (a map-link is added) …

4hello-stork5stork above my head

1 - stork-breakfast (large size)
2 - longing-for-each-other
3 - coming-home
4 - hello-stork
5 - stork above my head
6 - stork-stats

read my other blog articles about storks:

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27 responses to “Stork family

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  2. A fabulous submission Frizz… the birds with the most perfect GPS I’ve seen :D. Great shots!


  3. The storks are very important because they bring us the children


  4. This stork family has uplifted me in the blinking of an eye and the flap of a wing! Bless you, dear Frizz, for such fine photographic sharing (and thanks to your daughter, as well!)


  5. Fascinating, aren’t they, Frizz? And you’ve captured them so well, too!


  6. It’s like a human beings nest. It’s touching.


  7. Tammy

    This is so beautiful. It reminds me of a children’s book we loved “The Wheel on the School” by Meindert deJong – “Storks in Shora!”


  8. Not a common sights nowadays. Lovely photo!


  9. Hope to be enjoying further follow-ups on this wonderful family in the years to come!


  10. compare Rosmarie Wirz, Switzerland:
    White stork on its nest
    click on the photo to enter her flickr galleries!
    read more there for example:
    “The white stork population has been accurately surveyed for more than 100 years. The nestlings are, with few exceptions, systematically marked with rings. Ring resightings and ring recoveries from Switzerland and abroad give valuable information on behaviour, life histories, mortality causes, age structure, migratory flyways as well as on stopover and wintering sites. These data are being analysed with modern statistical methods. Similar data are available from other countries, which allows for interesting comparisons…”


  11. 1 – shortcode

    2 – link

    3 – html


  12. Anonymous

    Wonderful colleciton of pictures concerning storks, such fasicnating birds!
    Here a small contribution, concerning storks in Switzerland:

    White stork on its nest


    • thank you Rosmarie,
      for your interesting facts about the storks population in Switzerland!
      “The white stork went extinct in Switzerland in 1950. Due to the reintroduction project by Max Bloesch and Storch Schweiz the population has increased again to more than 200 breeding pairs. Will this increase continue, or will the population start to decline again?…”


  13. Melanie, USA, half Cherokee half German, comments on my flickr photo stream:
    “Love it!
    I have been following a mated pair of Bald Eagles in Decorah, Iowa, US, for the last two years, on live webcams. The night infra-red light is broken, so now I can only see them during the daytime, but it has been fascinating. I have watched them raise two sets of three babies from eggs to the ‘kids’ leaving on their own. The three ‘youngsters’ are now flying, so they’re not around in camera view much, now. The Mom & Dad will start getting the nest ready, again, in about late November…”
    more of Melanie:


  14. fabulous stork photos frizz, just amazing!


  15. These pictures are absolutely amazing!


  16. Wow these are beautiful! you make me want to own a camera…


  17. Frizztext, I love these stork photos: They remind me of home.


  18. Beautiful shots. Never seen them up close like this. Thanks for sharing…


  19. Amazing gallery, Frizz!


  20. Wonderful series. Such details


  21. So they use the same nest over and over again? Don’t other birds also want to use the nest?


  22. That nest is so involved and perfect. The storks are stunning.


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