Sky is wide

If we could walk through the skyscapes, leaving our penthouse! Photo by frizztext, click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries.
penthouse widescreen
Comments by readers: “A walk in the clouds” – fantastic! (by Claudio in Argentina); “It would be awesome!” (NaPix from Vietnam); “Hard to believe the photo actually was taken in Berlin and not say, on the Alps” (by David Mor, Jerusalem); “Cool view of being up with the Angels!” (by “God is in us all” / Chris Wehner, West Virginia, USA). Frizztext-comment: But I wasn’t up with the Angels! Trying to get the brightest light behind the top window of the penthouse on the opposite side of our Karl-Marx-Allee in East-Berlin I didn’t see the baby chair next to my feet and fell down and cried. “Are you hurt?” my daughter asked. “Yes I’ve got some knee-pain now on the left – nevertheless, my mind took my body for some minutes and we walked through the clouds!” At least my Canon pocket got another Berlin document: The sky is wide and high over Berlin. The ground is often dark and unseen. We have a German children’s book STRUWWELPETER (by Heinrich Hoffmann 1845) about a boy named “Hans-Guck-in-die-Luft” / “Johnny Head-in-Air”: His eyes followed the swallows in the clouds – and he fell into the river where the fishes said “Hello”! Hello, Frizz “Eyes-in-the-clouds”!

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11 responses to “Sky is wide

  1. Such dramatic skies!


  2. That’s stunning, Frizz! Almost feels like ‘floating’!
    I hope your leg is feeling better now, though!


  3. Beautiful sky. So you really had your head in the clouds when you took this photo. Hope your knee is okay. :)


  4. Gorgeous shot! Seems deceptively safe to step out on to those pillowy clouds! I imagine I will not be returning the fishes greeting if I do :-)


  5. The sky has a bit of an ominous feel, yet the clouds seem playful to me – like you can dance with the clouds right into the sunset!


  6. Cassie

    Fantastic photo! If you are Frizz Eyes-in-the-clouds, then I am “The story of the flying Cassie” (Der fliegende Robert). I could have sworn, that the wind took me a little bit off the ground when I was a kid, being out in a storm with an umbrella (but maybe it was just my imagination. That the wind took me, not that I was out in the storm :-D)! I was so scarred, because my granny used to read the stories of Heinrich Hoffmann, so I knew what could happen to little children with big umbrellas in the storm…


  7. A very beautiful photo. It makes me want to fly and sore into the sunset. Very inspirational and peaceful. Thanks for sharing.



  8. This reminds me of some of the Batman movies. Gorgeous!


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