Aerial Photography Above Germany

I adore the work of the French photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Now a German team tried to create something similar – but, sorry to say – without the political message of Yann Arthus-Bertrand, that mankind is going to destroy the resources of our planet, acting to often without any thinking; but the German movie “DEUTSCHLAND VON OBEN”, actually in the cinemas, features via modern GPS technologies the global migration routes very interesting too; also the movie introduces some romantic little cities – those which were not destroyed by bombs in the world wars I and II. I cannot show the movie below – but seven aerial photos by myself (a private hobby) – and then three shots by the professional successful German photographer Klaus Leidorf!
light flight

2Berchtesgaden Jenner hangglider3Olympic Park, Munich, daylight
4Munich5helicopter below
6Berlin Bridge7red train to Berlin

above: 7 photos made by frizztext (myself):
1 – Jänner Mountain, Hanggglider, Berchtesgaden
2 – Jänner Mountain, Hanggglider, Berchtesgaden
3 – Olympia-Stadion, Munich, with caroussell
4 – Munich, light blue well in the center of the city
5 – a POLICE helicopter, our Boeing 737 flew higher
6 – Berlin, Spree river + Oberbaumbrücke (red brick bridge)
7 – Berlin, red train entering the “Museums-Insel”
below: 3 photos made by the German photographer Klaus Leidorf
more at
aerial photography: click on the pictures to enter the galleries of Klaus Leidorf…

Forest Island+Parasols
Mirror-like, Red Car - 13


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25 responses to “Aerial Photography Above Germany

  1. Love the parasols!


  2. Your shots are excellent. Very cool post and idea.


  3. Fabulous shots! Love the parasols!


  4. I agree with you, Frizz. Even though Leidorf’s shots are more spectacular, I prefer yours, as they have that extra something…[!]


  5. They are so nice that I would like to take such shots.


  6. Frizz, superb shots and how much fun must it be up there in the air! As for the state of the planet, aerial exposure to such changes is so much more confronting . . .


  7. Angelia Sims

    Oh goodness! I thought time-lapse photography was cool, but I LOVE this. What a view!


  8. Awesome! Very interesting information. Thanks for sharing


  9. Bless you for these breath-taking views and unique “peeks” at how our earthly “grounds” look to the birds! This seems to be a very fulfilling hobby of yours, aerial photography, Frizz! Keep flying high and sharing with us occasionally.


  10. Fabulous photos! The first two are just breathtaking! It would be a shame to lose such natural beauty. I enjoy absorbing myself in nature. Have you been hand gliding before?


  11. Must be breathaking from up there. Beautiful and exciting photo. Thanks.


  12. Excellent shot of the reflection of the water!


  13. All stunning views, Frizz!
    Although I tend to do a bit better enjoying these wonderful images from down here on terra firma!


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