Weekly Photo Challenge: FRIENDSHIP

photo by frizztext; click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries …
related: flickrcomments.wordpress.com/weekly-photo-challenge/weekly-photo-challenge: friendship
description: the musician with hat (left) is Errol O. Johnson (Jamaica / UK); on the right side (blond sax player) – he is a refugee from Russia – he (I believe Juri was his name) escaped as an officer from the war in Afghanistan, spent some years in prison for that failure in Moscow – and is now happy to be free as a saxophone player in Germany; in the middle: a female designer from Turkey (I believe), selling pearls and diamonds …

friendship ritual seen in Cologne:
locks in Cologne

About frizztext

websites: 1 - my daily wordpress blog "flickrcomments" at FLICKRCOMMENTS, 2 - photo pool at frizztext, 3 - flickr group BLOG IT!, 4 - twitter, 5 - my guitar, 6 - about.me

36 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: FRIENDSHIP

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  2. Happy people
    Best wishes

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  4. Northern Narratives

    Great photo :)

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  5. they look so happy … music does that!

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  6. cool shot! Gotta be musicians…they are happy people!

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  8. Profound message in this photo. Friendship spans across different cultures, races, professions, ages, etc., etc. Wonderful!

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  9. That’s a great photo Frizz, love it!

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  10. You have captured their friendship beautifully. Love the lighting as well.

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  11. Friendship captured!

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  12. Very nice. Smile is our best attitude compared to the animals.

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  14. Wonderful group of friends you picture here. Such a blessing to see them sharing such joy after each one’s very different set of personal life experiences.

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  15. Angelia Sims

    Very cool! Looks like a fun group. :-)

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  16. A very happy photo!

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  18. aww good friends. Thanks for the pingback today!

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  19. I love your photo on friendships. Thank you for the pingback.


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  20. This photo shows some great camaraderie

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  21. What a warm and cheerful shot… ;-)

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  22. beautiful smiles!

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  25. Amazing. Simply amazing. I stared at them for a long time. (Something I could not have done in person!)

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