Travel theme: Rhythm

INGA, steady rollin' rhythm jazz guitar
single photo taken by frizztext, click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries…
thanks to Ailsa, who established this photo challenge RHYTHM:

have you ever enjoyed to play together with a tractor?

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30 responses to “Travel theme: Rhythm

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  3. Love the photo of the beautiful tiled floor!


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  5. Amazing meditational attitude of that young Berlin female guitarist! And I love the old tractor! What better way to travel than with guitar playing that invites others to join in along the way!


  6. I nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award. For more information go to


  7. Of course it had to be guitars…love the whole post


  8. Nice rythm.. Great post.


  9. Great entry, ft. Love the rhythm of that old tractor.


  10. oh, i like it ………… :)


  11. Oh my gosh, frizztext, this is genius, genius! First off, that is a stunning photo of the girl with the guitar, and those gorgeous leaves on the ground. But the Sweet Georgia Brown accompanied by a tractor will live in my soul FOREVER. Thank you for this sweet, wonderful, brilliant post! xxx Ailsa


  12. I love the tractor one. Really cool


  13. I knew yours would be guitars, awesome!


  14. Keeping up with the tractor going nowhere certainly added to the rhythm and fun! Love the Berlin slide show!


  15. Sure wish I had a bit more rhythm!
    I really admire folks like you who do! :)


  16. What a great idea to use a traktor
    I have an old traktor and will try it also
    But the rhythm in the video is me to fast
    Have fun all together


  17. the rhythmic beat from the tractor is really unique


  18. Fabulous! The graffiti seems to complement the theme! Dare anyone to beat that :-)


  19. Hi Frizz, I love your musical and photo tribute to Berlin! I sure hope to visit there someday… :-)


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