Choir Of Grievance

Why anti-aging campaigns? There’s an advantage of aging: you are not forced to stand in line as a job-seeker in that modern world of global financial crisis
in opposite directions
title=”Wiener Beschwerdechor” (= “choir of grievance” in Vienna) photo by Thomas Lieser, Vienna – click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries
related: Thomas Lieser / onkel_wart often has his focus on the paradoxical dying parts of our big cities: visit his document series bankrupt – how houses die or discover a military war-jet landed on a parking place in the big-city jungle …
My German comment: Diese Foto-Komposition hat ihre eigene Message: “Was geht mich das Anstellen in der langen Reihe vor dem Arbeitsamt an, wenn ich in Rente bin…” = der Vorteil des Alt-Werdens: die genießbare Ignoranz angesichts der ins Irre laufenden Gegenwarts-Politik …

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16 responses to “Choir Of Grievance

  1. In dem Moment bin ich gerade auf dem Boden gesessen und habe eine Einstellung an der Kamera geändert. Als ich wieder hochblickte war die alte Frau vor dem Chor im Bild — ich hab gewusst, dass es ein gutes Bild wird — und Dir danke ich für die zusätzliche Betrachtungsdimension!


  2. Wow. Quite the paradox. The woman, warm and well-kept, presumably with a nest egg of comfort. I still love my secure job, but have the best of both worlds—enough money balanced with good health and time to pursue other passions, such as the wonderful world of blogs.


    • Wonderful sentiments! This is especially nice to read as I approach the end of my school career and prepare to enter the workforce in the arts. Economically I might not end up being the richest person in the world, but I know I will be happy in pursuing my passion for my life’s work.


  3. There is much said with no words in this image.


  4. This is only true if you cannot afford to work and the government helps you with a living. I see many people of retiring age (like this old woman), standing and working in supermarkets and stores.


  5. Wolfgang Hermann

    well seen
    fine captured
    a master
    :-)) wolfgang


  6. Love it. I’m retired and as my lable on my blog says “Retirement – Where you stop making a living and you start making a life.” I’m enjoying my retirement years and don’t miss the hussel and bussel of the working life.



  7. With aging there is supposedly more wisdom. I want to grow wiser.


  8. a photograph that needs no words…….


  9. This is why I rejoice in my pure white hair as I power-walk and jog for miles every day right past all those worker-bees stuck in traffic!


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