Mr. Bojangles

Bill “Bojangles” Robinson teaches Shirley Temple his stair dance in the movie “The Little Colonel

There are many wonderful versions of the song “Mr. Bo Jangles” at youtube.

Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown “Mr BoJangles”

Sammy Davis Jr Mr. Bojangles

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14 responses to “Mr. Bojangles

  1. yes me too, love it, sammy davis jnr plus your music and garden too!


  2. Texas version:
    Jerry Jeff Walker


  3. Love the music in the garden with the beautiful blooming bushes. Thanks for sharing.



  4. Love you in your garden as Mr. Bo Jangles! Bless you for including those clips from Sammy Davis,Jr. and Whitney Houston! And your yellow guitar is so perfect for playing in that colorful and lovely garden!


  5. Thanks loads for all the above. Pound for pound, SDJ was the world’s greatest entertainer. Back in the late sixties (memory worth repeating here) I was lost in the back-country of Tennessee when two drunken jerks offered me a ride. We spent the afternoon, after buying some hooch from a bootlegger, listening to the bootlegger tell stories about Bill Robinson. Bill had a lot in common with Jerry Jeff in that regard. Thanks for the post.


  6. I so adore this song. I love your guitar playing and your garden!! Thanks for posting it!


  7. wonderful i have always loved that song. have many memories of Sammy singing it, and also the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Loved your guitar playing on this!


  8. Nicely played Mr Frizzie


  9. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard the song. I enjoyed all the videos.


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