Donna Summer 1948 – 2012

Donna Summer lost her battle vs. cancer. She had so much energy, optimism and power! R.I.P. Donna Summer: December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012
Some of her greatest hits:
Bad Girl

She Works Hard For The Money

On the radio

Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff (Donna Summer song)

Hot Stuff (Donna Summer song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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12 responses to “Donna Summer 1948 – 2012

  1. …and a remarkable voice! R.I.P.


  2. Madelaine

    RIP Donna…you will be missed but not forgotten.


  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful musician…RIP Donna.


  4. I nearly danced myself hipless during the Disco era to the tune of “Hot Stuff”! As soon as I saw the first notice yesterday morning of Ms. Summer’s passing, “Hot Stuff” has been echoing in my head and heart ever since. She was wonderful and I pray much peace for her soul and her loved ones left behind!


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  6. It’s a shame to see all those fabulous iconic entertainers of the 70s-80s disappear… Donna was one of my favorites. My condolences go out to her family and friends.


  7. Another sad and tragic loss in the music world. Such a lovely voice. I grew up with her music.


  8. What a wonderful tribute! This video, though, ‘takes the cake’ – my favorite Donna Summer song:


  9. Lovely tribute to the beautiful woman ~

    I wrote about her too:


  10. Great tribute to an unforgettable lady!


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