Riots And Royals

if there are some riots on the streets, royals sometimes are taking a look at – but mostly they don’t have much interest:
some riots in Spain and Greece, Syria and Egypt, … financial crisis in Europe, Islamism in Arabian countries, democratism in Ukraine or Russia, in Africa or even in China! [sorry fore sarcasm:] Strange things are happening there – but royals or despots, bankers or politicians are talented ignorers … [photo by frizztext, not featuring the typical reaction of the rich vs. the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, but a snapshot from Carnival in Cologne, Germany]
comments at flickr (by Claudio from Argentina and Annamaria from Italy):
we are the 99%
/ texting /
title=”/ texting / ” photo by ~BostonBill~, on Flickr

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6 responses to “Riots And Royals

  1. Very true…royalty or the “top 1%” are talented in tipping their nose up to such problems — it’s how they ignore it.


  2. Royal Harry IS a riot.



  3. So wonderful of you to show us how these “royals” think they are holding themselves high above the fray below! Let us hope their hearts are not that removed from the tribulations of their countrymen!


  4. ritarivera5150

    the first one is hilarious, and the second is fantastic! – rita


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