American Dreams

I like to introduce the photographer Peter Bongers: Some of his photos describe the American Dream: to be always on the road, riding trucks or vans, mobile homes – or horses.
Rodeo Life
title=”Rodeo Life” photo by Peter Bongers, click on the picture to enter his Flickr galleries …
Bonneville 2
title=”Bonneville 2″ photo by bredlo, also sent to my group BLOG IT!

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16 responses to “American Dreams

  1. compare
    Airstream Trailer Caravanning
    click on the photo for more …


  2. I like the second shot very much. It’s very impressive.


  3. Son

    I can live with a life like that. I think I was a gypsy in my previous life 😉


  4. Absolutely LOVE these Frizz!


  5. I love those little shiny caravans!


  6. Great photos, especially the one on the beach. 😉


  7. polly

    I love the top photo.


  8. I agree with the others
    A picture says more then 1000 words


  9. Reminds me of my first to years of married life. Also in a parkhome as we call them in SA. Think I must put some photos on my post!


  10. “On the Road Again” is very much a HUGE part of the American Dream. Cowboys are still a large part of our hero galleries, Frizz! Wide open spaces and unlimited horizons actually lie within each of us. I prefer to view this post as metaphor for my own dreams of self-discovery and self-realization!


  11. Second photo is Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. It is a large salt pan (ground covered with salt) in a desert area. I pass through there many times on my way to and from Nevada. It is very shiny when the sun shines on it.


  12. I don’t do as well on the road as I’d like…
    it sure makes for some stunning images, though – wow!


  13. ritarivera5150

    fantastic pictures, especially the second one. Stunning! – rita


  14. My father always wanted an airstream. His wish was to pull one all over the country.


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