the LEICA man

LEICA man, shooting me – so I gave response … – click on the photo to read comments of some flickr-members!
Visiting friends in Brussels we had the chance to take a look into the archives of an old photographer; below: eight shots using my pocket camera as a “scanner”, while enjoying many pages of an old photo album; we, the younger, have to learn a lot by the old masters of photography: they have been painting with light …

1balloon escaping2new born sister
3Grandma with doll4Smoke vs. Time
7museum8train and 7 hands

1 – “balloon escaping”: the little boy did not notice the open window, but the balloon did …
2 – “new born sister”: baby, waiting for to discover the world …
3 – “grandma with doll”: about the dignity of getting old
4 – “Smoke vs. Time”: writing and reading we try to stop the river of life – but like the smoke of a cigarette as a metaphor: our time runs out! (German poet Wilhelm Busch once wrote: “1,2,3 im Sauseschritt: saust die Zeit = wir sausen mit!”)
5 – “haircut”: we do not want to copy the hairstyle of the cruel man with scissors, isn’t it?
6 – “the painter”: adoring light … – look out of the window and notice the snow on the roofs of Bruxelles …
7 – “bodies in a museum” – maybe we sometimes would prefer the sculptures created by God himself and not by his followers …
8 – “train community”: I counted 7 hands on this photo; all the hands are a little bit confused like waiting cats, not really knowing what to do
to work with a LEICA makes great influence to lifestyle and identity -
Marc Lamote’s own website:
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28 responses to “the LEICA man

  1. I love these black and whites… I’m finally catching up again on blog posts. Thanks for your patience! :-)

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    • compare:

      photo by frizztext, click on the image to enter his flickr galleries: portrait-photographer in “Little Odessa”, New York: Coney Island; caught in a Russian dancing bar in Brighton Beach – comment by mezze = Annet Planten: oh yes, the polaroid-men … I knew one in Amsterdam, cruising the restaurants at night, sometimes bingo, most times not… That’s a hard way to earn some money (and besides: Polaroid-film is expensive and no longer easy to get). But maybe it’s better than selling roses?

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  2. The smoke is my favourite next to the old photographer that is.

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  3. Nikki del Mont has a passion for her camera too:
    this is my real gun......
    title=”this is my real gun……” photo by Nikki del Mont

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  4. Leica is the most popular camera all the world.

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  5. Oh I agree! They painted with light – love this

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  6. LEICA man, shooting me (= three of us):
    discover what his LEICA / Zeiss objective saw:!i=1831914010&k=CmCr7bX

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  7. How much fun for you and your friends to be pouring through them, all of them so beautiful and well shot!

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  8. Fab shots! Love the one of the lady and the cigarette smoke and the barber shop!

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  9. Love those old photos!

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  10. You were in heaven I know! My fav is the one of the woman with the cigarette next to her!

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  11. I like the look of old cameras.

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  12. Wonderful how these old photographs show the artistry with light! Bless you for sharing. I always love discovering boxes of old sepia and B & W photos in old homes!

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  13. The LEICA man reminds me of Wilfrid Brambell, who played Paul’s grandfather (I think it was), in A Hard Day’s Night.

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