Dnipropetrovsk – Ukraine – bomb attack

title=”Dnipropetrovsk” photo by Chris Wevers, click on the picture to enter his galleries!

Yesterday in the city Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, a bomb attack shocked the citizens. Absurd how the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych brought his rival Yulia Tymoshenko to prison for seven years. Absurd to organize in such a country (violating human rights in many cases) the UEFA European football cup. German president Gauck refused to visit this country. That’s a clear statement.

Mulher no poder - Yulia Tymoshenko - Ucrânia
title=”Yulia Tymoshenko – Ukraine” photo by jaloisiosoares, click on the portrait to enter his flickr galleries

Though – I have a friend there: the classical guitarist Andrey Shilov, sensible, educated, wise, playing music, he never would attack with bombs. On the other hand the Ukraine since the independence in 1991 tries to become a modern city with modern architecture. In the days of Soviet Union there was a famous missile and rocket factory. Actually the city is in focus as the birth place of imprisoned Yulia Tymoshenko, very ill in thze moment. Germany offered a medical support by a hospital in Berlin. President Viktor Yanukovych said: “NO!” Some cruel medieval structures still in this city, I fear …

title=”Dnipropetrovsk” photo by Chris Wevers, click on the picture to enter his galleries!

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Andrey Shilov - Musician
my friend from Dnipropetrovsk, the classical guitarist Andrey Shilov

SPIEGEL magazine:

Emre Gurcan - Dnipropetrovsk train-0690_576x768
title=”Dnipropetrovsk” photo by Emre Gurcan, click on the picture to enter his galleries!
P.S.: 3 explosions, located directly side by side to a tram station on Friday, April 27th. – many victims …

Getting naked to change the world: Ukrainian women’s naked protest:

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20 responses to “Dnipropetrovsk – Ukraine – bomb attack

  1. The night shot is very beautiful.


    • my friend Andrey Shilov from Dnipropetrovsk, playing guitar:

      Andrey Shilov plays “Cochichando” by Alfredo Vianna (Pixinguinha). This was recorded during his concert tour through Germany in Hattingen, 22.07.2010.. Recorded by Dietmar Fritze.
      Преподаватель Днепропетровской консерватории Андрей Шилов играет произведение бразильского композитора Альфредо Вианны “Cochichando” на концерте в г.Хаттинген (Германия) 22.07.2010.


  2. Anonymous

    Yes friend, all you said is right. The city is beautiful, the people living there are also mostly nice and good. But those big men, politicians make the life for the ordinary people here unbearable. Their first interest is to collect all the money for themselves. But adding to one place means that in other place (where it was taken from) it becomes much less… They always take and take to add to their pockets but it becomes less and less because they take it from people…


    • thank you “Anonymous”!
      I agree to your comment: “The city is beautiful, the people living there are also mostly nice and good. But those big men, politicians make the life for the ordinary people here unbearable…” etc.
      title=”Dnipropetrovsk” – photo by Vlad Аrchic, click on the picture to enter his flickr galleries …


      • Andrey Shilov

        Dietmar, It’s not an anonymous, It’s me – Andrey!


        • so you had not any harm at least by the explosions in the city near the tram … – I’m glad …


          • Hello Andrey, I’ve heard, that about two weeks ago a businessman was killed in Dnipropetrovsk: but he stole 360 millions from a bank (It is quite possible that the financial institute hired the killer). In a country where bandits are the government such things seem nearly to be normal… P.S.: soon we will travel to Brussels, Belgium: the European city with the highest crime ranking! I hope, no one will steal my guitar! A Banjo player invited me; we will play in an Irish Pub; my heart is touched, because someone notices my music, not trying to suffocate me (like often other guitarists did)
            below: me playing GEORGIA, 5.000 views till now – maybe the UKRAINE should get a similar song …:


            • the same GEORGIA melody, but played much faster (me on my Gypsy swing rhythm guitar together with very talented friends in my hometown) dedicated to my favorite German town B E R L I N – enjoy the slide show – maybe one day I’ll take an airplane and make photos for a Dnipropetrovsk slide show. Or is the music too happy for the Ukraine?


            • Andrey Shilov

              Hi Dietmar!
              I wish you enjoyable and nice trip to Belgium! It is very good that you’ve been noticed and invited to play!!! Hope no one will put his eye on your guitar, but nevertheless keep your eye on it!!! Congratulations!


  3. Ukraine used to be a beautiful country. Now, when I visit my parents (they live near Donetsk, another big city in eastern Ukraine), it all looks pretty sad. The government is corrupt, no matter who’s in power. I heard on the news about Timoshenko’s troubles with health. It’s too bad this is happening, even though I was never her fan.


  4. Every time I think we have turned the corner to find freedom for the oppressed it turns into another political power struggle . . .


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  6. This post has educated me considerably about the Ukraine since 1991. I really need to keep up with that part of the former Soviet Union a lot better. Your classical guitarist friend looks very much the opposite of the government officials you speak of here.


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