Gauck new president in Germany

A new president was elected in Germany by the parliament in a “Federal Assembly“: Joachim Gauck, an anti-communist pastor and human rights activist from former East-Germany; he maybe is a real freethinker – at least better than any Wulff-character (it was said, that the former president Christian Wulff was corrupt – he had to cancel his job, when investigations started …)
Gauck new president
photo of the German parliament architecture in Berlin,
the “Reichstag“sgebäude by Norman Foster,
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Deutsch: Joachim Gauck, Eröffnung des Geschich...

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11 responses to “Gauck new president in Germany

  1. Is that a good thing or bad thing,,politics not my forte’ 😉


  2. Hope for the best because corruption is a bad thing…


  3. Politics is always a precarious thing…. Good luck with the new president. I hope he is better for the people than the former president.


  4. Hope everything runs well with the new president.


  5. A pastor, human rights activist, freethinker – sounds like good possibilities.


  6. Hooray for Joachim Gauck–and for your sharing all of this info about the new German president here and on Twitter, dear Frizz! Danke Schoen!


  7. Best wishes to him! 🙂


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