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Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790) wrote: “All mankind is divided into three classes: Those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move…”

notebook mobile
photo by frizztext

I sat in an ICE train using my Toshiba notebook and a UBS Stick (T-mobile: Xtra Card: “web’n’walk DayFlat” = 4.95 Euro Tagesflat für das Highspeed Surfen per Laptop) from the mobile phone server – P.S.: a flat rate via a prepaid mobile phone card. Maybe you think: “Not to mention” – but for me, aged 66, it was like the first step on the moon! When I was born, 1945, the trains had not seats like those today (and my mother traveled for free on the roof top of the trains through Germany). My typewriter even in the eighties did not know any electricity – times are a-changing …
kind reply from Claudio in Argentina (click on the picture to discover the link to his flickr website):
“I have 47 y,o. my friend, and I used to work in a big Argentine Bank in the early ’80s, with manual typewriters, paper cards to write balances, and carbonic paper. A few years after, I was studying System Analysis, and programming complex applications on a IBM PC XT without hard disk and 384 Kb of RAM. Today, my daughter have a netbook with 2 Gb of RAM, a 160 Gigabytes hard disk and a color LCD screen of 14″! I’m still amazed about the technical progress.”

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15 responses to “Mobile Internet Connection

  1. Lord, I’m moving to 65 in a few months and I can’t believe I figure out what I figure out on the internet for work purposes and for WordPress… I’m in the moving class! Yay!


  2. good for you frizz … we are also amazed and are able to live in the country yet still feel part of the big wide world!


  3. It’s good to stop and think how things have changed. I learnt – painfully – to type on a big black typewriter with keys that were agony to press hard enough and if I made a mistake then tippex was needed for all three carbonated copies!


  4. I’m in the moving class as well. I remember when to get color on your black and white TV’s you used a filter screen over the tv. I remember the big black and havey typewriters as well.

    Technology is great and sometimes scary.



  5. It’s amazing how fast technology has advanced…and is still advancing.


  6. It’s incredible when you really stop to think about how quickly technology is advancing, isn’t it? It’s wonderful, really… although it does make me a bit nostalgic for ‘simpler times’, too, I think…


  7. Sometimes I still use a typewriter for art projects. We’ve just put up enough solar that I can now play around on this box, post photographs, and learn the 2 finger A chord! 🙂


  8. Yep… times are a-changing! 😉


  9. Frizz, you are one year older than myself, and I applaud you for your technical upgrades! Aren’t they just fab for blogging all over the place! I myself have moved away from an excess inundation in techie stuff, after working in that field for so long. But I love my blogging, I truly do. I can do an amazing amount just with my unlimited data connection on my cell phone. Also, flash cards are just the greatest. The largest ones now hold entire manuscripts, with illustrations!


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