new wordpress service: stats + map

stats March 9th – readers: 573

Surprise! WordPress service became one step better again: the stats have a map now! I like it very much!
my yesterday’s readers, 573:
250 USA
068 UK
049 India
021 Greece
021 Germany
020 Canada
019 Japan
016 Australia
015 Italy
013 Netherlands
012 Kenya

18 responses to “new wordpress service: stats + map

  1. There are many Japanese readers than I expected.


  2. Tammy

    cool! I didn’t know this! How fun!
    from Vermont, U.S.A.,


  3. I was really glad to see this also yesterday when I clicked on my stats page. Fun to see where people are from that have visited my blog.


  4. Hi! This is very cool, but my question is: how and where do I find it? Is it in widgets? Would like to include tis on my blog! Thanks!


  5. check this and looks pretty good..;)


  6. Where is this Frizz??? It does look like fun


  7. We here in the USA sure do love you, dear Frizz! Yes, I love this new stat service at wordpress, also!


  8. Yes, it is a nice feature. WP Rocks! ;-)


  9. I was very excited WP started including those maps… I’ve really been enjoying them, too! :)


  10. Always improvements .. this is a fun one to look at.
    Thanks, Frizz …


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