A-Z Archive: “j” photo challenge

“A-Z Archive”: j! (Tuesday’s Photo Challenge)

a JACKDAW gang in the Alps – I don’t know, if they can sing in harmony like the BEATLES, the BEACH BOYS, the BEE GEES or the famous GOLDEN GATE QUARTET, but I think, in their heart they felt like being an effective gang – at least a sporty hang-glider gang…
This week’s topic for our A-Z ARCHIVE Tuesday’s photo challenge: the “j”: introduce one photo of your own archive with an “j” keyword for example JACKDAW (like me) or JERUSALEM, do you know a JOE or a JUGGLER? Something about JAPAN or JESUS? JETS or the JORDAN river? JEALOUSY, JOBS or JOY etc. – get some inspirations via my j-Archive at https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2012/02/02/the-j-archive/ – I’m sure you’ll find a picture in your own shoe boxes to scan – tag with “A-Z Archive” and put a link on your page to my site, so we’ll get a trackback-list including your post!
the 8 photos below are from third parties, click on the pictures to enter the flickr galleries of the featured photographers!
studying the holy scriptures at the Western WallmadeinitalyIt's full...Midnight TraneIn the air.  MaduraiJokulsarlon - IcelandPozor!Joy - Let freedom swing

1 - JERUSALEM: studying the holy scriptures (by Werner Schnell)
2 - JETS: made in italy (by gureu)
3 - JAPAN: It's full... (by manganite)
4 - JAZZ: Midnight Trane (by JOMAR)
5 - JUGGLER: In the air. Madurai (by entrelec)
6 - Jokulsarlon - Iceland (by ladigue_99)
7 - JAGGED: Pozor! (by Dedecek)
8 - JOY: Joy - Let freedom swing (by Miro42)


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Challenge always on Tuesday !!!


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53 responses to “A-Z Archive: “j” photo challenge

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  2. A-Z Archive
    I’ll use the image above and the link below
    to invite to join our weekly A-Z photo challenge
    both (image AND link) combined to
    A-Z Archive
    maybe you can copy and use too:

    I’ll use the image above and the link below
    to invite to join our weekly A-Z photo challenge


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  4. Love your comment….Beatles, the Bee Gees….lol They do look like a singing group! Great for J!


  5. It looks to me like they put on quite a show!


  6. I’m thinking, I’m thinking. Somehow, taking a picture of all my Junk doesn’t appeal …


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  8. I like the harmonious jackdaws!
    For my submission, I have a Steller’s JAY done in a JAPANESE woodblock print style with some JAPANESE writing.


  9. Oh, wow, excellent shot. They do look like a gang. I’d be wary if I was on that deck!


  10. These jackdaws KNOW they are sporty and very fine specimens! Such air-borne feats we can only drop our jaws at!


  11. What a fun shot! Love it!


  12. MindMindful

    I! Challenge #2 http://wp.me/p2bACA-5U
    I! Challenge #3 http://wp.me/p2bACA-69
    I! Challenge #4 http://wp.me/p2bACA-7Z
    I! Challenge #5 http://wp.me/p2bACA-8e
    J! Challenge http://wp.me/s2bACA-538
    J! Challenge #2 http://wp.me/p2bACA-8W


  13. Here is mine “Jumping for Joy” http://wp.me/p23TG1-mT


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  15. You should ask them. 😉


    • the jackdaws came to my desk, stared upon my paper plate and asked for some fried potatoes. I gave permission – and as a “thank you” they showed me via a flight performance, that they are better hang gliders than many human beings; two of my photos some minutes before:
      Berchtesgaden Jenner hanggliderlight flight


      • the jackdaws were able to fly elegant curves, funny up and downs, even upside downs – and had not such a stiff, rigid, anxious body language as the sportsmen …


        • you know, I’m living near the river Rhine in Germany; but isn’t it curious, that the photographer Ben Visbeek from Amsterdam has been at the same place, making a portrait from the leader of the gang? I’ve written a little article with the title EXISTENTIALISM about this proud bird:
          A sentinel Alpine Chough on the lookout
          title=”A sentinel Alpine Chough on the lookout by B℮n Visbeek
          P.S.: my son in law, a forester, said, these birds are jackdaws not crows not coughs – I don’t know, I only know sparrows


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  17. absolutetruth1

    Here is my entry for “J”


    This guy came around just in time. I didn’t have a “J”.


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  19. j is such a great letter … but i am back with a town .. Jaisalmer http://wp.me/p296YA-3M


  20. Good Afternoon, J BLoggers and Frizz. I had a few J words on my mind for this one. The huge Jabiru bird and the laughing Jackass. Both of them live here at my place. I have chosen instead the JACARANDA festivals of the Mid North Coast of NSW. I am going for several images because it is a FESTIVAL.
    THANK you all for the evocative imagery.


  21. Running late this week (too many uploads to do on Geograph), but finally…



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  23. Japan – One year after the catastrophe:


    • JAPANESE children after Tsunami: the OKAWA school disaster:
      BBCドキュメンタリー「津波の子供たち」”Japan’s children of the tsunami ” 3.11
      the primary school classes stayed one hour waiting in line on the school yard, while teachers were discussing what to do. surviver: only one teacher who climbed up the hill located directly beside the school yard – and a few pupils, caught out off the waiting line by their mothers, drove away with their private cars. there was time enough for all to go up hill! but the dialogs between the teachers lasted too long!


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  25. Love your bird photo! Beautiful. Here’s mine: J for Jumping, of course!


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  28. Hey-Hey, It’s The Monkeys!
    Or The Birds? 😉 Love it, Frizz!!! That’s a great shot!
    Here’s mine:
    Hope ya like it.


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