Contract Restrictions

I’ve heard from a female Hollywood movie screenwriter (who wrote the story of “When Harry met Sally“? Nora Ephron), that she at first was asked to sign a contract, that the story must be acceptable for girls aged not older than thirteen. The Hollywood film makers try to reach all generations to have a big profit. But that is a restriction for too many adult topics. It makes the communication childish.

photo by Rahim Abu Laban, currently Damascus, Syria – click on the picture to enter his flickr photo stream or visit his website – I’ve read there (“about”), that he would like to study on a film academy… frizztext-P.S.: It is very sad, what we must watch actually in Syria. Let us hope, that the blood shed will soon have an end. A shocking rough reality, for sure not a topic for the dream factories in Hollywood, Babelsberg and Bollywood.

actually Angelina Jolie took the risk to produce a movie about the war in Serbia – I fear there will be no great interest in the USA
New York Times: “in-the-land-of-blood-and-honey” by Angelina Jolie

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8 responses to “Contract Restrictions

  1. Not older than 13? Scary. As I sit in the theater waiting for the film I came to see, and I watch the trailers for some of the movies out there….I am appalled at some films that are available. And then we wonder what happened to society….


  2. This photo is amazing, strong, full of sentiment. Is really sad that this topic is not relative to the film industry, that many lives and war heroes will not be known to the world who could be inspiration to others. I think is important they take notice and take this stories to the world. We need to end violence and the film industry has a powerful tool at their hands.


  3. Unfortunately, too many adult in the U.S. simply will not face the harsher realities, such as the situation in Syria, let along try to understand what lead up to these types of violence. Childish, indeed!


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