Systems Of Signs

united types of newspapers
I like to understand difficult codes. I learned Latin, Greek, Hebrew when I studied theology. Then I changed the job and discovered other symbol systems. Still attracting for me: newspapers from China or Japan, Russia or Egypt, Israel or India – though I often do not understand anything – if there are no photos. I’ve learned a lot visiting daily the blog of “kotev25″, there are always tons of fascinating photos. He inspired me with his article “TOP TEN MOST DIFFICULT CODES IN THE HUMAN HISTORY” to my post of today. Maybe photography (and music) are systems of signs for a growing global language without any national fences…

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15 responses to “Systems Of Signs

  1. I’m also generaly mesmerised by all these strange lines and squigles that tell whole stories to other people… :)

    Lovely pic.


  2. I could not help but think of the universal sign language used to interpret for the hearing impaired! I also think of cave paintings and hieroglyphics and ancient secret code systems. Yes photos and music really connect us through a lot of that scribbling, do they not?


  3. I hope your daughter is feeling better… How are you doing?


  4. I imagine being able to read and write in all the languages… so beautiful and artistic. I can relate.


  5. Photography, art, music (classical/instrumental for example) – these are some good forms of global languages.


  6. MindMindful

    I love the idea of a global language with no fences ……….. all the fences that exist — political, or personal — are all constructed & therefore artificial. So, we Do. Not. Need. Them.


  7. No wonder you serve as my translator on occasion! Thanks Frizz!


  8. Yes, photography and art is a system for transcending language!
    I also love to look at foreign newspapers and magazines to guess what the article is trying to say by looking at the photos attached. And even though I don’t speak Japanese, I love to watch TV shows from a Japanese network…..maybe in another life I lived in Japan.


  9. That is an interesting concept. I universal human language based on visual cues – I like it!


  10. I agree as well! Before the MS damaged my brain, I used to love all kinds of analytical games, crossword puzzles, etc. Alas, can’t think like that anymore :( But at least I can still write :) smiles, Terri


    • dear Terri,
      I hope, you can keep on writing…
      sometimes I ask myself, what, if I could not hear anything?
      I would love photos.
      What if I became blind?
      I would listen to music.
      I hope there will always be a way for you to communicate …


      • Thanks so much!! I do believe that God healed me as much as He did so that I could still write and be a blessing to others. That is my passion, along with my jewelry making :) I can’t read books anymore, short term memory damage took that ability away from me too :( I used to be an avid reader. But now I have you cyber-friends to interact with. When one door closes another is opened!! I love the way you think!! smiles, Terri


  11. I agree Frizz. Art in all forms transcends differences and unravels then bridge the codes that separates us.


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