Suicide: how to brake off

If you’ve jumped down: how to brake off, if you suddenly will decide, not to make suicide? Not easy to return – if you are not a bungee artist. In Japan heroes often made Harakiri. The old Romans used to fall in the own sword, if they had done all things wrong. In Germany the politicians Uwe Barschel and Jürgen Möllemann got famous after suicide: the last one jumped out off an airplane. Now president Christian Wulff canceled his job in Berlin. For sure he has not the goal to make suicide. We are in modern times. No matter to cry. Things will be forgotten soon…
suicide bridge
photo above by frizztext; many suicides were made, jumping from this steel railroad bridge, 107 meters (351 ft) high, crossing the river Wupper: “Müngsten Bridge” near my German hometown Wuppertal, more at M%C3%BCngsten_Bridge – Muengstener Bruecke
Geoff Quinn reported from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco: “… a high school kid jumping on a dare from the end near to us, was picked up by surfers in the water: surviving …” Geoff commented to the topic bridge-jumpers: They say that a second after you jump you say, “actually my problems are not so bad…” frizz-feedback: but for some of us, there was a point of no return …
Bridge and Cliff
photo by Geoff Quinn, click on the image to enter his flickr galleries …

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12 responses to “Suicide: how to brake off

  1. No way, Hosea!!! I don’t like heights 🙂 Mark works at a grain elevator and climbs these huge silos and I don’t know how he does it!! smiles, Terri


    “On 17 February 2012, Wulff resigned as President of Germany, facing the prospect of prosecution for allegations of corruption…”


  3. Because your blog is so totally awesome, you’ve been gifted the Awesome Blog Content award:


  4. Something to really think about.


  5. We have bridges like that (maybe not so high) where people choose to end it, very sad.


  6. The pictures are beautiful… suicide is sad for all involved… very, very sad.


  7. These heights seem to attract folks to jump off who could not “jump off” into the uplifts awaiting them in life’s opportunities. I cannot help but feel there MUST be a psychic connection here, somehow!


  8. Definitely a high wire act Fritz. The aftist does not edit reality.


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