Nothing Is Safe

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“Water has not any wooden bridges” (Wasser hat keine Balken) – is a German saying, which means, that life is a dangerous thing, risky, and you can’t feel safe always. Of course they told in the bible, that Jesus could walk over the water. But I can’t. My wife today took the earliest flight of Lufthansa today to help my daughter in Munich. My daughter fell ill there. I’ll stay home with my cat. I need the distance to stay calm. Like in this photo shot: I looked down from the balcony of a very high hotel. While this bold sports man was riding the wild waves when cold wind was blowing from the east (North Atlantic, Zandvoort, Netherlands) – me, on the other hand, sat, as they call it, ‘high and dry’, didn’t get sandblasted on the beach, had a cup of tea in my hand, on the table a little book to write in the mood of distance – the only safety I could organize in my life …
1) photo by Frizztext – click on the image to enter his flickr photo collection…
2) this topic about the unsafe water (unsafe life) came in my mind during the yesterday’s discussions of my post – especially with Cris …
3) The photo below was shot by one of our friends, who recently took an airplane to Japan – with no problems. On the other hand not every location in Japan is safe – as the world must notice 2011 – and Japan still is suffering! My own life is not very risky
4) I read, that Juri Gagarin, the first human being in space, had a 40% chance to return healthy. He had luck. But nevertheless he died aged 34 making a test of an airplane. I’m aged 66 now and very thankful for that…


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23 responses to “Nothing Is Safe

  1. yes.. but if you don’t take risk, you won’t go anywhere nor do anything… so you would get nowhere.. and get nothing!


  2. best wishes for the complete and quick recovery of your daughter.


  3. “PERASTIKA” for your daughter, Frizz. [greek word for “get well soon”]


  4. TBM

    I hope your daughter feels well soon!


  5. I would never be able to ride the waves like that – seems a bit dangerous to me


  6. I’d be with you sipping tea. Hope your daughter is on the mend. Hold down the fort my friend!


  7. I hope for your daughter’s fast recovery and hope she feels better soon.


  8. Who could not like this? I’ll have to do some thinking about being safe. That’s an interesting topic.

    Here in the USA, we are giving up our rights for supposed safety, but I don’t feel any safer, having TSA employees stick their hands down people’s pants and bras, while legally molesting children at airports, train and bus stations. It seems the people in Washington, D.C. have made everyday Americans the enemy through legislation and unconstitutional executive orders.

    Ben Franklin, or someone from that time period, said that the people who give up freedom for safety deserve neither.


    • 2.
      hi Cris,
      for sure it is not easy nowadays to be safe vs. attacks by terrorists. in the meantime it became an absurd procedure, if you want to pass the security staff of any airport in the world. I remember the old gospel: Oh freedom, oh freedom: but before I’ll be a slave I’ll be buried in a grave … – yes, it’s fine, not to feel like a slave, to manage a distance – at least for a while …


      • 3.
        Oh Freedom = Renée Fleming & Joan Baez & Suzanne Vega & Lou Reed

        The concert on 14 November 2009, reminder of 20 years of the fall of the Iron Curtain
        broadcast by The Czech Television in Prague,
        organized by former President of The Czech Republic Václav Havel


      • 4.
        The so-called war on terror of the USA is nothing more than a war against the American people. They’re not going to find terrorists by molesting plane, train and bus passengers. All the terrorists have to do is blow themselves up while waiting in line. That will do an extreme amount of death and destruction. The terrorists are winning the so-called war on terror. All they have to do is nothing. The American government is doing it all for them by instilling fear in the American people.


        • 5.
          it is important, to keep a distance to permanent angst / anxiety / fear; for some religion is the method, for others meditation, regulation, occupation (hey John Lennon came in my mind); for me ART is soothing, art of music or photography, even the art of creating dialogues (like Socrates did);
          wordpress makes it possible to post up to 9 replies in this version; then we must start new comment-threads …
          reply stream to Cris counts actually 5; maybe we will have 6, 7, 8, 9 …


  9. We’ll start over, then, before everything starts to cramp up into very narrow boxes, as I’ve seem some blogs do. Your theme does the comments better than those ones.

    Music does it for me, but you’re right about permanent angst / anxiety / fear. Yet, what is happening is real whether or not one fears about it. As a result, I won’t go on a plane, train or bus anymore.

    I also like photography but don’t do near enough of it. Working nights has a lot to do with that.

    How does one find out what the attributes of a particular theme is? How did you find out your theme only goes nine deep on Comments?



  10. maistora from LONDON commented to the topic in my flickr photo stream:
    If everything was always safe it would be a very boring life 🙂
    Remember the recipe (from your own photo and your wife’s story):
    “Take risks and keep a balance!”



  11. Frizz, nothing external to ourselves is ever guaranteed “safe”, as you so powerfully point out in these pictures and stories. Our only true safety is in our souls, it seems to me. I had forgotten about Gagarin dying testing an airplane. Thanks for the reminder –and for letting me know you are older than I am by just a tad!


  12. MindMindful

    It’s an intricate balance — safety vs risk, high & dry vs adventurous. Our national ‘myth’ certainly celebrates “the risk taker”, pioneers, etc, but I really don’t think one is inherently better than the other. Depends on the highest need of the moment ……….


  13. I hope all is soon well for you and your family.


  14. Good luck with the recovery of your daughter!!! I also prefer to be on the less risky side of things… 🙂 **


  15. Good luck and best wishes to your daughter. I’m not a risk taker, I prefer a peaceful path. @o@


  16. … and I say blogging is a risk… some risks are physical others mental… waking up is a risk in itself


  17. Wishing your daughter a speedy recovery… and safe journey to Barbara. Hope you are doing ok?


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