Austerity FAQ at Merriam Webster

Austerity = an ascetic manner after a war or practiced by self aggressive monks, an arrogant minimal lifestyle of wise philosophers or freaky designers, a bitter necessary after a divorce or for permanent jobless human beings: austerity is actually the most searched word of the Merriam Webster Dictionary
silent guitar
photo via by Frizztext – click on the photo to enter his collection…
read the discussion there about the financial crisis in the USA or Europe …

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writer, photographer, guitarist

15 responses to “Austerity FAQ at Merriam Webster

  1. Ah, this word is all too familiar…


  2. I like your photo, on austerity. Do you really get to keep, the most loved item under austerity, or do you have to give it up, first? That is my question. So good to come around and visit: Pretty soon will be day, anothe day to get out there and kick the dirt in search for…models (but then everything is model – finding beuty in everything)


  3. Good one Frizz. Not used to seeing your guitar without you! Margie


  4. I like to think of it as minimalism; that sounds less severe, and more avant garde 🙂


  5. I sense a new type of challenge in the future: dictionary definitions!


  6. You have such a skillful eye for a photo!


  7. Amazing…the most searched word? Love your photo….austerity perfecto!


  8. Wow–I wish my spare room would be this clean and filled with such lovely sunlight and floored so beautifully and CLEANLY. There is a lot to be said for austerity–solves all kinds of problems, if you ask me!


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