Looking Back: Christopher Hall

looking back as an obsession: old houses, armchairs, automobiles, feelings – about the photographer Christopher Hall / deadslow at flickr
Oakland Station 0047
title=”Oakland Station 0047″ photo via flickr.com by Dead Slow / Christopher Hall sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photo to enter his collection…
Christopher Hall published also two books via BLURB:
Home is where the car is
He describes: “Classic cars photographed in suburban neighborhoods. The series came about when I started to realize how many of these scenes reminded me of the era and places where I grew up as a child. Eventually, finding and photographing these scenes became somewhat of an obsession…”
West End Town
title=”West End Town” by Dead Slow / Christopher Hall
Going Nowhere
Florida Street
title=”Florida Street” by Dead Slow / Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall says, he was influenced by the photographers Stephen Shore, Joel Meyerowitz and! Eggleston

related (interviews in German language with many photos):

introducing Christopher Hall

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23 responses to “Looking Back: Christopher Hall

  1. What an incredible space…
    those chairs really lend a sense of scale…
    and isolation…


  2. I love this group of photos! :-)


  3. love the first photo….I feel a little like Alice in Wonderland… The size of the chairs…the size of the window, the room size…..did I swallow a pill and fall down a hole? What a great photo!


  4. The first photo is awesome! The chairs, although ornate, look lonely.


  5. i could spend absolutely forever in a gallery of your photos….oh the inexpressible joy and luxury of being able to go from photo to photo to photo and back again…..your talent, your photos…they move my soul. thanks for sharing.


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  7. Wonderful post! Thanks for the intro to this great photographer.


  8. when I visited the SET “OAKLAND STATION” in the galleries of Christopher Hall
    I noticed, that he tried to feature the windows’ light on the floor
    like my wife did in an old factory near my hometown in Germany:
    Loft Light


  9. Thank you so much for the mention here, I greatly appreciate it. I wanted to say there’s a small set I also did at Beelitz-Heilstätten about four years ago: http://www.flickr.com/photos/deadslow/sets/72157605471450153/with/3654112952/ It was such a great location, I wish it wasn’t so far from home, it’s worth the time to travel there.

    Again, thank you. Ich wünsche allen ein schönes Wochenende


  10. What awesome captures. The first photo is soooo cool! Margie

    Thanks for the weekly photo support Frizz!


  11. Gorgeous photos. I love the lighting and the history that shines through the image. Just beautiful!


  12. All the photos are good but Barbara’s is outstanding, there’s a story or a hundred in there, could I use it as a prompt?
    Also how very sad that these buildings are just left to decay.


  13. my wife Barbara, a professional photographer, made also some series in a famous abandoned architecture near Berlin, the BEELITZ HEILSTÄTTEN; maybe because she is a woman she prefered to have at least one human being on the picture:
    abandoned palace
    Christopher Hall lived as an American Soldier some decades ago in Berlin too (compare his BERLIN photo series: http://www.flickr.com/photos/deadslow/sets/72157605407668375/ – if you visit his galleries) now his residence is in San Francisco …


  14. There’s some much in this photo. The glorious window; it’s shadow; the mantle piece, the decayed doors and those armchairs… it’s a photo you can truly get lost in for a while.


    • I think, the kind of “bird’s view” down from the ceiling, seems what made this photo unforgettable?
      the photographer C. Hall comments for himself:
      “The former Southern Pacific train station in Oakland. It’s been abandoned since the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989. I’ve been scheming to get in for a few years, and got my chance today. It’s a beauty…”


  15. The chairs look so small. Wonderful place.


  16. gorgeous!!
    are all beautiful ….. I fall in love more and more!
    Thanks so much for these beautiful images that make me find out!
    On the Brooklyn Bridge is really that color?? :-)
    sometimes in the movies is not like him!


    • dear Ivy, living in Italy,
      compare a photo shot in another big hall / room large as a station in: Naples
      title: “Sedil Dominova Sorrento Provincia di Napoli”
      by the Italian photographer Davide Cherubini to understand via comparing
      the special mood of dead slow / christopher hall, San Francisco:
      Reading the Newspaper
      title=”Reading the Newspaper” by Davide Cherubini
      at first I’ve introduced Davide Cherubini,
      who also published a BLURB book at


      • oh yeah!
        Italy offers many artistic ideas, such as Rome, its picturesque streets, old people are so fragile and full of experience.
        Then note how much you make me some details are similar though so far.
        (but the bridge is equal or not??) :-) vento


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