Part of my dream fragments now

Last night I had a dream. My black cat Emily tried to revive her friend Carla giving a cardiac (heart) massage. She also pulled on the ears to wake her up. When Carla’s ears were long as rabbit ears she at last came alive. We had a nice trio talking session at the happy end. When I awoke at 7 a.m. I realized: I had a dream only, that painful situation had not been any reality. Or? Then I remembered, I had seen a youtube video two days before – with no happy end. That hero cat was so hard trying to help! And human beings? No scruple to throw bombs killing other humans. “Homo hominem lupus est…” is an old Latin saying: “Humans are like wolves to each other…” (cats not, I dare to admit).
In the following video a cat tries to wake up his dead friend for two hours (not only the four minutes of the video).

he who translated the video from Turkish to English gave the comment:
People tried to help but the white was FIGHTING against them when someone came closer, he got really angry…

found at

original video in Turkish language:

other reblogging:
Hero cat tries to revive her mate
comment there: “Cat gives cardiac (heart) massage to her friend in hope to revive her… ”

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20 responses to “Part of my dream fragments now

  1. Yiğit Koyuncuoğlu

    Love of cats. 🙂


  2. Very sad. But look at the dedication and compassion of this cat for his friend. We can learn a lot from this video. Thank you for sharing.



  3. That was a sad video, but at least your own sad story was only a dream. Your comment about human beings having no scruples sets it all in a despondent perspective.


  4. dogs, too. when my childhood dog Blackie couldn’t see or hear well, the younger dog would walk with him for sniffs and business and then walk him home.


  5. That shit made my eyes wet & salty…


  6. It shows that animals are not dumb like humans like to believe. Animals are intelligent and loving beings.


  7. Too, too sad 😦 but amazing.


  8. Frizz, such a wonderful example all we two-legged should follow. I am reminded of how elephants massage and mourn their dead. Bless this kitty and bless you!


  9. What a moving post. I am not a huge cat lover, but the video made me tear up. Thanks for sharing. Miriam


  10. There is no doubt in my mind that the one cat was grieving the loss of the other and trying deperately; in vain, to revive the other.

    Theve are evolving.


  11. it is so …
    sad sad sad….. 😥


  12. Very sad. Animals have feelings too.


  13. Very moving. Animals amaze me, and the more we learn from them the more amazed I am. I could not watch the video. It pulled at my heartstrings just thinking about it.


  14. “It is just like man’s vanity and impertinence to call an animal dumb because it is dumb to his dull perceptions.” Mark Twain.


  15. They must have been very good friends.


  16. It is sad to watch and yes we humans can be quite cruel with each other. sad.


  17. you got a very good website, Gladiolus I detected it through yahoo.


  18. Pingback: URL

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