Guitar Lesson

I like to play guitar, fingerstyle instrumentals. When I was young, we learned by notes, then via guitar tutorials written in tabulature / TABs. And then came youtube! Some listen to the originals (video no. 1) then they cover with no problem, ears open. Others (like me) enjoy to find so many online guitar lessons (the second video for example).

bottleneck guitar
photo via by Frizztext

Lindsey Buckingham (guit.) and Stevie Nicks (voc) – “Never Going Back Again” (Fleetwood Mac)

guitar lesson:

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18 responses to “Guitar Lesson

  1. You tube is very useful to learn music such as playing a piano.


  2. all lovely photo and clips. I wish I can play the guitar.. but i am a good listner 🙂


  3. Gorgeous guitar in that first shot. Okay Frizz, fess up, how many guitars do you have? I’m thinking you collect them. Margie


  4. that’s nice to know 🙂


  5. Northern Narratives

    I think you “love” to play the guitar 🙂


  6. Love the guitar and wish I could play. YouTube is a great learning source.


  7. Keep it up Frizztext… music keeps us all going. 😉


  8. Frizztext, you are so committed to learning guitar–a great example to us all to pursue our dreams, to persevere! Stevie Nicks is just one of my husband’s favorite fantasy girl band members!


  9. ehi!!! ma ciaooooo!!!


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  11. Thanks for sharing the guitar lesson. It’s always nce to learn something new.


  12. Learning the fundamental elements of playing the guitar through a series of lessons prepares you to play your instrument at an advanced level. It may take time to…guitar tab


  13. Definitly an interesting read and a different way to look at things.


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  15. I really appreciate this post, thank you, great playing too!


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