Captain Frizz

I feel like a retired captain with his ship’s wheel fixed on the kitchen wall
photo by frizztext, click on the image to enter the flickr collection
title: MERMAID – comment: she is giving directions, but the fish won’t listen… (comment by
ship's wheel wikipedia
illustration by wikipedia
someone noticed on the picture on the bottom of the page the ship’s wheel and he asked me, if I would be a captain, because there is a captain’s wheel standing at my bureau window. Yes, I bought this actually from a theater fundus near the KOMISCHE OPER BERLIN, because as a child (aged three) I once visited an old Kapitän (from Bremerhaven). Never forgot the sailor stories he told me. He was retired. On the wall of his kitchen the old wheel of his ship was fixed. Since today I also can feel a little bit like him! At first in the flea market they demanded 210 Euro then 195 then 98 then 70, finally I got the ship’s wheel for 60 Euro. I waited a whole lifetime to get such a cheap chance, so that I could buy now. Big thanks to the seller! He was an actor in the theater nearby, it seems he often played captain Ahab, hunting the white whale Moby Dick and was glad, that he nevertheless still was living – like me …
greetings by captain Frizz (aged 66)
msamaclean comments on my flickr account:
Great story! So glad you found this & got a relatively good price!
I guess this shows my age:
When I was in 7th grade, I had a very old lady for an English teacher, in New Hampshire, New England, US). She would tell us about her deceased husband, who was actually a whaler on a whaling, sailing ship, off New England, using harpoons! Imagine!
Ah, we do have some memories, don’t we!…;-)
frizztext replied:
December 22, 2011 at 7:33 am

It would be a good idea to give a ship’s wheel as a symbol, a metaphor to all retired persons. No more ship steering necessary, only steering of memories …
frizztext’s bureau in BERLIN

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13 responses to “Captain Frizz

  1. pavorst

    Reblogged this on dissected.


  2. Frizz, remind me what that saying is about being the captain of your own ship, etc.? Love your window setting! How oddly we do steer our memories. Hey, it’s my story and I will tell it like I want to, okay? (ha, ha!)


  3. Oh my, Frizz … don’t make 66 sound old. I am 64 and soon approaching that number. I think the ships wheel has the affect of turning numbers backwards if you turn in the opposite direction.
    I am glad you were able to find such a nice piece of memorabilia.
    Merry Christmas …


  4. What a cool find Frizz. Really beautiful bureau and view in Berlin as well. Margie


  5. Wonderful and so jealous of the view.


  6. That is gorgeous. I love the mermaid and how the picture flows. 😉


  7. thirdhandart

    Great photo Captain Frizz!


  8. TBM

    that was a good deal!


  9. Very interesting shot. 😉


  10. Nel

    Interesting story that goes with some amazing shots. I like how you pulled it all together. 🙂


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  12. I’m only dreaming that I am on a ship,
    but Katrin Glaesmann really does:
    Loch Eport
    title=”Loch Eport by glaesmann, on Flickr, sent to my group BLOG IT!
    click on the photo to enter her collection!


  13. Precisely how is carrying New York cared for it’s history and legacy associated with graffiti art work?


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