A soul in a museum

Museums, especially in Germany, robbed many objects in old countries: from Egypt, Greece, Iraq. Nearly impossible for the original nations to get the things back. Nefertiti (German: Nofrotete) is in Berlin, where she never belonged to. In the “Third Reich” the Nazi administration has stolen many great paintings from Jewish citizens. Still many of them are trying, aged over 90, to get back their possessions from Germany. Justice tries to act as slowly as possible to solve the problem. Maybe in 50 years? The victims then would be aged 140. The following photo was shot not in a German museum but in Vienna by my friend Thomas Lieser. Nevertheless, I am always glad, if I can discover a soul, a really true soul in a museum. And I am more than glad, if that soul even discovers me!
dogs at an exhibition #1
photo via flickr.com by Thomas Lieser / onkel_wart sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photos to enter his collection…

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11 responses to “A soul in a museum

  1. Museums my favorite palces to go.
    I would love to travel and see many museums
    in other countries.
    Nice post,


  2. Not just the German museums my dear! :-(


  3. Those soulful eyes are so confronting.


  4. What a wonderful museum patron!


  5. Nevertheless, I am always glad, if I can discover a soul, a really true soul in a museum. And I am more than glad, if that soul even discovers me!

    Frizztext, I admire that concept…I find all museums have stories to tell…and some stories will go through life..never to be told….Thank you for sharing this..


  6. such a great photo. Thanks for sharing


  7. Wolfgang Hermann

    a picture as a comment:

    the exposition


  8. alles unrecht kann man sowieso nicht mehr gut machen. schändlich ist nur oft das gezerre…


  9. Many treasures rest in British museums that should never have left their homelands but I don’t know the answers.


  10. It ‘amazing that dog,
    the look, the black and white.
    A fascinating picture.
    Have a nice day. :-) vento


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