Throw Down The Gauntlet

“Perseverance is a noble quality – yet, there are times when we decide to throw down the gauntlet, walk away” (Elizabeth Obih-Frank)
frizz-comment: I learned now the word GAUNTLET, – O.K. to throw that gauntlets down, like a permanent chess player, who suddenly decides to take a healthy walk into the forest with his dog…
Bobby Fischer (1943-2008)
photo via by Frizztext – click on the photo to enter my collection of images …
Bobby Fischer biography 1 (of 1-5)


Echecs au Jardin du Luxembourg * Paris
photo via by Annie Mallégol / sistereden2 – click on the photo to enter her collection of images …

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18 responses to “Throw Down The Gauntlet

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  3. Beautiful especially the first photo. :)


  4. What a nice surprise to be quoted…
    I feel so famous already. :lol: TY Frizztext!
    You’re so generous with us.
    Happy Holidays! :-)


  5. Love the concentration of the woman.
    Have always wanted to learn to play chess.
    perhaps, I will make it my New Years resolution.
    Thank you for a very nice post.


  6. thirdhandart

    Very interesting post! Didn’t know that Bobby Fischer had such a high IQ (per the video).


  7. Defense, defense: Never have I learned offensive, never have I learned how to play chess, really, but guess what: Ican move the pieces like a pro!


  8. Love the way you began and ended this post: such evocative contrasts between the ambery, light-filled chess pieces and the man and woman playing chess outside all swaddled against the cold, brains hot with concentration! Wonderful post that says so much about how we humans meet challenges!


  9. Northern Narratives

    The chess pieces are great. They look like glass.


  10. I have never played a chess but it sounds so fun. :smile:


  11. Great photo of the chess pieces! I am a checkers girl. :-)


  12. I was fascinated by the video, short as it was. I remember Bobby Fischer and what an enigma he was.


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