I do it my way

I do it my way, you’ve chosen your way: Mixing the two songs MY WAY (Frank Sinatra) and THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND (Woody Guthrie, below a version by Sharon Jones) I would like to sing so to my guitar (maybe I’ll make an upload to my youtube channel). But the photographer Thomas Lieser, Vienna, hit the nail faster and not so complicated visualizing this topic “ACCEPTANCE” / “IDENTITY” by featuring two women sitting together on a railway station’s bench – dressed very differently …
worlds apart #3 (the "no man included" version)
photo via flickr.com by Thomas Lieser (onkel_wart) sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photo to enter his collection…
I discovered the soul singer Sharon Jones: listen for example, how she transforms into a new meaning Woody Guthrie’s “This land is your land“; the way Sharon sings (French guitarist Marc Quattro makes a good job on guitar) – she makes white people realize, that the US are a land of colored people too, not only for whites …


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13 responses to “I do it my way

  1. Great photo image….two very opposing lifestyles and it seems to show with the 2 women. The woman wearing the black attire looks like she lives a “closed” or conforming life and the other has all her stuff strewn around with her legs stretched out and just appearing to live life freer.


  2. auf facebook verlinkt.

    danke für die “würdigung”


  3. The photo is greate..


  4. I really celebrate the fact that those two women are SITTING ON THE SAME BENCH!!!! Would that we could all just relax together in this world, no matter how different our customs, traditions, beliefs. Thank you for much for this image at this particular season where a central message is, “Peace, Goodwill to all men on Earth!.”


  5. TBM

    Great photo! I love the diversity!


  6. How many times does it happen to surprise such expressions? This photo is like a still from a film, so frozen exactly at a pick: You can feel the diference sinking. Great shot, Frizztext!


  7. Nice photo. I love ” my way ” as you know. 😎


  8. thirdhandart

    Very nice photo to illustrate “I do it my way.” At least, for the woman wearing the very colorful shirt. I hope the woman in black got to choose her outfit too. If she did, more power to her. Respect the difference!


  9. I love ‘My Way’…
    very interesting image, too!


  10. Wonderful post, Frizz …. this land was made for you and me …
    says so much. Good blues singing …


  11. I love that photo… speaks volumes about lots of topics…. 😉


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