This land is your land

I like to play guitar, Dobro, banjo etc. – visit my channel FrizzGuitar P.S.: YOUTUBE has changed the design!
photo via by Frizztext
after an European TV show on the channel “arte” I discovered the black female soul diva Sharon Jones: listen for example, how she transforms Woody Guthrie‘s “This land is your land“; the way Sharon sings (French guitarist Marc Quattro makes a good job on guitar) – she makes white people realize, that the US are a land of colored people too, not only for whites …

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14 responses to “This land is your land

  1. Will go and check out your channel.


  2. Looks fun. I also like listening and paying music.
    Besides I like new design of youtube. πŸ™‚


  3. Oh, it went to my heart, Frizztext. I enjoyed the photo: it like like the…green grass of home (Ijust try to remember if there were anybody playing the dobro. We were at the beginning of the discovery of some instruments.)


    • if you like my Dobro / resonator guitar,
      six different sound examples:
      me, fingerpicking “Sorry seems to be the hardest word”

      me, strumming for the Kazoo:

      me, singing: PRODIGAL SON

      Walk right in

      playing for the horses:

      photo slide show: sitting with my Dobro in my hometown …



  4. What a great shot Frizz, the music must sound incredible with the feeling of space, sky and freedom all around you. I will check out your Youtube channel.


  5. Great song to go along with your beautiful photo. Very uplifting on this rainy day here in Brooklyn.


    • Sharon Jones lives in Brooklyn; the movie document in TV featured her strolling through music pubs and recording studios in Brooklyn at night – together with Charles Bradley – I fell in love with her unique interpretation of some music standards …


  6. thirdhandart

    I like Sharon Jones’ interpretation of β€œThis land is your land.β€œ My grandson was dancing as it played.


  7. You are so talented – it’s very annoying to a can’t sing, can’t play, Gilly of all trades mistress of none!!!


  8. Sharon’s got one helluva voice! Loved it, thanks for sharing.


  9. America BEFORE Columbus …


  10. Must tune in to Sharon’s world again… I noticed the responses were … interesting. πŸ˜†


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