Culture: Men vs. women

Male culture mostly has the focus on hierarchy: Supported by the horizons of engineers. After some bad military experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq, after the space-shuttle projects were closed, many workers in automobile factories became jobless: let’s take a look on typical female culture: social networking, not hierarchy but fair exchange: on facebook and twitter, via Apple mobile phones and youtube, using google or flickr, wordpress or blogspot: it seems that the internet revolution developed a new horizon of cultural goals, more dominated by female principles of democratic communication than male dominated: only adoring the power of weapons or crude Wall Street strategies …
Photo: The Italian artist Prof. Luigi Frappi and Annabel – photo uploaded by Luigi Frappi sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photo to enter his collection…

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12 responses to “Culture: Men vs. women

  1. Could it be too that the instinct of saviours kicks in in situations like this and new mean are found.. !? .. but at the end of the day .. both men and women are Creatures that have the ability to create and invent a future out of a despair if they focus and do not give up


  2. fantastic!!


  3. Renate Hechenberger

    Hello FrizzText (would love to know your name though…:-)
    It’s good to meet you. Thank you very much for linking my article with yours.
    You have an interesting blog and lets continue to inspire each other.
    All the best from Austria, Renate


  4. To understand difference is really the ultimate wisdom and skill of life. Thanks for the post, Frizztext!
    Also thanks for your continous support!


  5. my pleasure! Whats amusing me at the moment is that more men seem to respond to the post than women.


  6. I’m curious to learn more about Annabel and the man in the picture… Culture!


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