Mexican Colors

Mexico is a land of colors. Not only seen via Frida Kahlo, the charismatic painter. Look at the colors of the houses outside (and inside as well), enjoy the clothes, all those colorful details …
All-Star Women Team @ Tuxpan de Bolaños, Jalisco
photo via by César Ramos Ureña, Monterrey, México sent to my flickr group BLOG IT! – click on the photo to enter his collection…
César Ramos Ureña is a Mexican photographer based in Monterrey, discover his geotagged work via map: César Ramos Ureña (geotagged) he writes about his photo: “All-Star Women Team @ Tuxpan de Bolaños, Jalisco, the girls are Huichol indians…”
another photo by the same photographer:
photo via by César Ramos Ureña, Monterrey, México – click on the photo to enter his collection…

Frida Kahlo, Self-Portrait, 1940. See discussi...

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26 responses to “Mexican Colors

  1. I love this and the colors. :-)


  2. Wolfgang Hermann

    wonderful color pictures
    have a pleasant weekend my friend
    with a warm room and music


  3. So wonderfully vibrant!


  4. thirdhandart

    Beautiful tropical colors! Frida Kahlo had such a tragic, tortured life. Did you know that her father, Carl Wilhelm Kahlo, was born in Pforzheim, Germany? I love Frida Kahlo’s folk art/surrealist style of painting. Great post FrizzText!


  5. I love the wonderful colors of Mexico. The friendly personalities of the people very colorful, too.
    We have enjoyed many vacations there. The photo of the colorful home on the mountain edge are like a crayon color box.
    Nice post, Frizz.


  6. TBM

    I love the colors. The buildings are amazing.


  7. Fabulous, sometimes somebody gets lucky, and he may not even realize on the spot how lucky, to find such a beautiful composition. Thanks Frizztext!


  8. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many vibrant architectural colors so close together like that.


  9. Simply colorful and charming. :)


  10. Great photos and thanks for reminding me of Frida


  11. Northern Narratives

    Many beautiful colors.


  12. Awesome vibrant colours!


  13. on the other hand:
    Mexico Police Shoot It out With 4 Teen Car Thieves – ABC News ( –
    visit link above:
    there’s a problem with rich drug dealers there; but who made them rich? US-parallel youth societies I suppose; is it possible, to inztegrate them again, bringing them back to normality? via sports? social working? in Germany the media try to be kind to parallel societies adoring brutality, drugs, neo-Nazi-music scene etc. – in Rio de Janeiro military occupies parts of the city to make the area clean for some sports events next year – I wonder what will be the best method to handle the problem.
    my last comment, related to the youth culture, adoring methods of violence, in the news magazine DER SPIEGEL:
    (sorry in German language):
    Dass Sido und Bushido es bis in den SPIEGEL schaffen, hat nichts mit Ironie zu tun, nichts mit Freundschaft, auch nichts mit Angeln. Es hat zu tun mit einer höhnisch sich ausweitenden klammheimlichen Unterstützer-Szene. Traurig, dass der Kniefall vor Unverschämtheiten nicht nur die Musikszene vergiftete, sondern nun (mit verlogenem Gehabe) in Talkshows und seriöse Printmedien Einzug hält!,1518,800306,00.html
    [under construction]


  14. Glorious colors. How it changes the landscape. Fab photos! Margie


  15. It would be so much prettier in Brooklyn if everyone painted their homes a different color. Instead it’s all the same gray, white and brown.


  16. Wow. There is bright world in Mexico.
    My Spanish must be useful. :)


  17. Everything is colorful in Mexico – I spent 6 years there as a child, those colors will always be with me…. thanks for the fotos!


  18. Colours are a unique language… like what they say about a photos can say a 1000 words, Colours can even sing for us… happy photos and beautiful post


  19. What lovely colours and photos, love your post (:


  20. I’ve been a dancer, a bicycle driver, a horse back rider, a long distance swimmer (some lakes, river Rhine, Mediterranean Sea …) – I taught thousands of kids how to swim, play hockey or basketball – so I enjoyed to introduce the photo above of that female native Indian basketball team in Mexico: to know to have a body, can mean so much joy …


    • EmergentWarrior

      there is so much more to you than meets the eye Frizz. and Yes, it is a joy to be alive in the flesh. Thank you for giving so much so I know HOPE, even though…
      Your family, your life, You are a true blessing, and not just to me but to the world. -Caroline


  21. EmergentWarrior

    Simply beautiful and richly colored…thanks Frizz.-Caroline


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