Open The Walls!

friends from USA and Russia, France and UK, Italy and Poland etc. are trying to help Germany to find methods to open and forget walls …

3 Allies
photo via by Frizztext
but in the meantime other walls are built: from Israel (often criticized), from India (vs. Bangladesh flood victims, not well known), from USA vs. Mexico, from Italy vs. African refugees (they do not need stones, they have the water and a Navy)

a friend, a very talented musician, supported my simple guitar playing: so I got a fine swinging music background for my BERLIN slide show = speedy BERLIN more and more forgets the Iron Curtain history, walls are open now since twenty years – and though the two Germanies still are not completely united (there are some remaining walls in the minds) nevertheless they are learning from each other …

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11 responses to “Open The Walls!

  1. I love your photographs… so expressive, so crisp and clear. 🙂


    • about walls in our minds:
      My friends applauded just as a security guard walked in barking at us to stop, and then yelled at us to “stop being childish and acting like children!”
      I can’t forget the Afro-American security officer on the roof garden, METROPOLITAN Museum of Art, Manhattan, “BARKING AT ME” to put on my sandals again (forbidden to be barefoot – between all those sculptures, inspired by African artists … (to take off my shoes was for me like to take off one’s hat entering a church to give a devoting gesture of worship…)
      danger for my tiptoes
      oh Africa, how forgotten you are in the land of Afro-Americans!
      tomorrow I will write about museums and modern art … – today I will take some photos of contemporary art works …
      question / FAQ:
      Is Art a helper vs. walls in our minds? Breughel or Klimt, Max Beckmann, Grosz, Andy Warhol?


  2. Great shot and we don’t need any wall( barrier).


  3. theWomanAtTheWell

    Your wisdom is astounding. Blessings to you for your love for people and wonderful artistry. -watw


  4. Nel

    Thank you for once again opening my mind to the current events around the world. It is wise of you to point out the necessity of breaking down the walls that divide us.


  5. Northern Narratives

    I enjoy your thoughtful posts.


  6. Great stuff to read and listen to with my breakfast – thankyou!


  7. Humanity always buit walls in the wrong place, at the wrong times, and for the wrong reasons: And each once in a while they dug a trench or too. I’m glad to see people shaking hands and playing songs, and have a good time on those places ment to keep us from gettting to know each other.


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