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As Condoleezza Rice mentioned in her speech on Obama’s Victory, we shouldn’t make race a B-factor. That means for me: Analyze what she has done politically, trying not to be disturbed by the attractive fact, that we are glad that the U.S. is now civilized enough, to respect Afro-Americans. Condoleezza was clever enough, for example, to perform together with Aretha Franklin. But maybe she likes to make us blind? I opened my eyes when I discovered some youtube videos, where she was disturbed by (female!) protesters. With slogans like WAR CRIMINAL / BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS etc. the “War Princess” was confronted though trying to speak without answering any questions …




6 years ago I wrote a book review about the biography of Condoleezza Rice by Antonia Felix, published at

Alike a “TERMINATRIX” Condoleezza “Condi” Rice seems to manage her jobs, being the most martial of all war princesses, always controlled and perfectly looking, coolly and compromiseless heading for preventive wars…” – Antonia Felix tries in her book to explain the character and the life-lines from roots (from house-slaves to “evangelists of education”, Condi’s favorite gospel: “I need Thee every day” ) up to the present (in the year 2002: President Bush’s national security advisor), describing the most prominent woman in global policy today. Superbrain or “puppet on a string” [of the Bush-Clan] or a further example of “sex sells”? Condi “surprises and offends some who assume that talented black women must all be political liberals. Rice isn’t, and she has good reasons…” one reviewer wrote: Indeed, born in segregated Birmingham, Rice maybe is suffering under a sort of “Post Traumatic Stress Disorder“, cannot forget the experience of the force against black ones in her childhood [1963, when white racists placed a bomb in a black church], and therefore she strives particularly strongly for a “reversal of a faint experience”: very bad conditions for the current interest members of the “Axe Of Evil” – Iraq, Iran, North Korea – isn’t it? Condoleezza (versus the meaning of her name “con dolcezza” – play “with sweetness”) usually isn’t prim at all: to spy out (by hidden phone-hearing) the UN coworkers: that she describes with constant smile in her face only as a “dirty trick”; building up hectic reasons for a war against Saddam Hussein: don’t mention it; counterarguments don’t make her stumble. Antonia Felix, looking back in Condi’s lifeline, writes in a thrilling manner about the racial discrimination in the USA, about the university career of Condoleezaa [aged 26 professor at the Stanford University], about her ascent to the personal coach of the white-house-chief – so that every reader of this book, beside a necessary frowning, is able to reconstruct sections of the motives of Rices political acting. So this book is very suitable to check up one of the most important wire-pullers in the enduring clash of civilizations, a story about that way, a female black person has chosen, to fight effectively against oppression …

but in the meantime thinking developed, so a Ted Sotinsky commented on October 23rd, 2011, my wordpress article about the OCCUPY movement:

“Most Americans seem not to be aware that the U.S. post 9/11 has evolved into a new variety of a totalitarian state. The mass media has represented 9/11 as a watershed Christian moment, with the good forces fighting the evil forces in the world. The Imperial Presidency was created with the ability to push aside the constitution and international agreements and treaties in order to wage war against the evil forces of the world wherever they may be. There are now numerous enemies within and without that must be reckoned with, even if that means spying on the American public. The American Empire was thus born nourished by the totalitarian illusion or delusion of a democratic world led by the benign American Pentagon. The mass media zeitgeist has all Americans joined together in a unified totalitarian effort to vanquish the barbarians. Yet beneath this mass media propaganda lies the truth, and that is the corporate state’s waging of perpetual war for perpetual profits that the citizens are expected to repay in the form of low wages, unemployment and the relinquishment of social programs. These Hitlerian sacrifices must be made by the masses to wage pre-emptive wars against whoever the Imperial Presidency envisions as a threat to this New World Order. Yet, as I have already said, the real motive behind this vision is the financial gains by the corporate giants supporting the Pentagon and the bankers we must borrow money from with eternal interest to support this totalitarian vision. So if you wonder why people are involved in OWS, it is because the formality of voting is not an effective protest against this new American Empire of greed. People are fed up with having the blood of Iraqi’s and Afghan’s on their hands and with a government that does nothing for them and everthing for their corporate sponsors, even committing atrocities in foreign lands…”


1) Condoleezza Rice Book Review for

2) for Condoleezza-Story by Antonia Felix Condoleezza’s latest book!/CondoleezzaRice

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12 responses to “Condoleezza Rice

  1. Interesting… she was one tough lady. 😉


  2. Great information; It occupies the right amont of space and attention!


  3. thirdhandart

    Are you going to buy her book, “No Higher Honor: A Memoir of My Years in Washington,” November 1?


    • November 1st = my birthday – maybe I’m in the meantime (aged 66 then) too wise to buy such books? Often publishers send books to me for free, begging for a review. In the meantime I prefer big books featuring photographers – because I’m searching for joy not for anger and rage 🙂


  4. ted sotinsky

    When will the trials begin for the corporate and Washington/Military criminals that have co-opted the democratic process and bankrupted our treasury through fraud, deception and fear mongering?


  5. ted sotinsky

    The Pentagon first created and then provoked the so called terrorists as the rationale for the perpetual war and the militarization of America and its foreign policy. The thing is because the Pentagon and the defense industry desperately need the terrorists to run their criminal ponzi scheme they do every thing in their power to publicize the terrorists and make them into a worthy and feared opponent inorder to financially exploit the American citizenry.


    • there is a troop withdrawal by Obama from Afghanistan now because there was no guarantee for US army not to get prosecuted by international courts – Den Haag, Geneva? We noticed, that Condoleezza Rice and her followers did not respect the international court in the Netherlands, The Hague, where some other war criminals had to answer some questions (coming from Africa, Serbia etc.)


  6. Barack Obama’s twitter account now is following me!/BarackObama777
    – but no answer by Condoleezza Rice 🙂


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