Childhood Feelings

We start our circle of life in childhood by discovering rain and snow, sunrise and sunset. We are thrown into a certain kind of architecture and sometimes our parents do not have time for us. We can be glad if we find a dog or cat to share our loneliness:
Street life
title: “Street life” – photo via by Valery Titievsky, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation;
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Photos of Valery Titievsky

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21 responses to “Childhood Feelings

  1. Great company is the one of an animal, they seem not to frustrate us as humans sometimes do.


  2. I have never experience snow in my entire life…


  3. Is this child homeless? It look like a happy picture. 😦


    • I think, not homeless –
      but the photo pulls out of my soul,
      how I was feeling in my own childhood,
      entering the street, feeling free and full of hope,
      fearful to go back to home
      where always was corporal punishment.


  4. compare me – baby sitting:
    me, baby-sitting


  5. The wonderful thing about a dog is it accepts you for who you are, it makes no judgements. If you are feeling sad or lonely, a dog knows, it doesn’t ask why, it just becomes your friend.
    Love the way you took this shot from low down, making both the child and dog look large against the building.


  6. My dog died when she was sixteen. I was twelve. My dog was my baby sitter all through childhood–parents had to work. My dog, still brings a tear to my eye!


  7. thirdhandart

    A beautiful photo by Valery Titievsky.

    The photo of you pulling the little boy in the box reminds me of the time that I did the same thing with my grandson. My grandson was playing with a cardboard box in our kitchen when he climbed in and sat down in it. I hooked one of the dogs’ leashes through a hole in the narrow side of the box. I then proceeded to pull my grandson through our house on the wooden floors. The dogs were chasing us and my grandson was laughing. After the first lap, I put a small rag rug under the box so that it was easier to pull and wouldn’t scratch the floor up.
    Glad to know that what I did wasn’t too weird as you have a photo of you doing the same thing, but on the other side of the world!


  8. The photo of the child and the dog in the snow stirs up many emotions from my own childhood (I was not a child of the streets). I remember happy times playing in the snow with our dog who used to get so excited to be out in the snow, playing in it – just as I did!
    It’s a brilliant photo, and thanks to Valery Titievsky.


  9. I have a snow photo of me as a child and my dog. It was sad when my longtime playmate mysteriously disappeared. That can be a peril of a country dog.


  10. My granfather name was Lion and quite a lion he was but very fatherly too. I remember riding Lion. 🙂


  11. Anonymous

    Lovely picture! Animals have such unconditional love to their owners and playmates.


  12. Wolfgang Hermann

    ein bißchen kindheit muß man sich bewahren
    auch wenn es “kindisch” ist
    zum beispiel eine kindliche neugierde oder die freude am spiel
    das kind im man

    lg von graz nach wuppertal


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