History of Women’s Lib

From Stone Age till now of course we can watch a history of women’s Liberation step by step!
no country for old men
photo by Oliver Petry title: “no country for old men” – click on the photo to visit his collection
From Stone Age till now of course we can watch a history of women’s Lib step by step: Actually women are fighting in Germany for to participate in leadership of big companies – mostly a male domain. We have some female ministers in Germany – and the chancellor / prime minister Angel Merkel is a woman too. But there is still necessary that EQUAL PAY movement, even in Germany! In some Arabian countries the women are fighting for a human right to drive a car. In India feminism makes alarm versus the killing of female babies (dowry death). In other nations mothers are fighting for food or even water. It’s sad to watch so many different levels!

1) the global OCCUPY movement
2) me and my daughter performing: “I need a dollar”

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7 responses to “History of Women’s Lib

  1. I am glad the womens movement did have an effect for working girls back then. When the husbands or men went off to war, it gave the women the opportunity to work. It also took them from their children and other family obligations. I am at a toss of which is better in today’s times…it seems to me that woman cannot do it all as your wife does know. I find it hard to do all I do each day and work. Great post!!


  2. The only reason you could not be a 1965 housewife has to do with the accident of year of your of birth. Trust me on that.


  3. It’s a good movement not only for female but also male because some women have a great skill and leadership.


  4. There is always room for more: More of what we wish, more of what we want, more of what we need. I tried to upload apicture of aa mother with an infant at OWS ( a new term in the dictionary’s addenda this year). It’s abmp, and I need to convert it to jpeg, to be able to upload. I liked the message, and the post. Thanks.


  5. T women’s movement opened many doors and gave us the forum to voice our discontent… I applaud all they did… That picture above is interesting… 😉


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