Thailand flooding

Flood in Ayutthaya 2011 #6
The photographer (from Japan, currently in Bangkok) writes:
This is taken in Ayutthaya City.
Many provinces in Thailand are currently suffering from flood disaster.
For donation: “Thai Red Cross Society“:

The logo of the Thai Red Cross Society shows t...

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10 responses to “Thailand flooding

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  2. New year vacation in Thailand?


  3. thirdhandart

    So heartbreaking. Global weather patterns or Global Warming – it doesn’t matter which one is the cause.


  4. Wolfgang Hermann

    hi frizz
    thank you
    it happend a long time before
    but it is today allways impossible for my wife to stay in the rooms wich were under water,
    have a fine time but not to much from all
    with best wishes to your lovely family and tol you


  5. The weather used to be predictable, but not now anymore. It’s quite sad to watch this as it keeps remind us that never to take anything for granted and appreciate what we already have. :(


  6. I hope that every one will be happy.


  7. that’s so sad to see!


  8. So much upheaval in the world… so much sadness.


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