the OCCUPY movement spread from Madrid to New York – and yesterday, October 15th 2011 it became global: in 80 countries / 950 cities protesters joined. In my country, Germany: Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne. Rome was actually the European city with the most rough riots.
Occupy Rome
thanks / mille grazie for the photo by Parla Food / Katie Parla – sent to my group BLOG IT!
frizz-comment: Maybe it is better to spread arguments, not fire. Something like the Arabian youth revolt in Europe versus the financial crisis? I hope arguments will lead the politicians to control the bank systems, a capitalism without any moral. Politicians must put an end to the process, which makes a few human beings very rich and 70% of a population poor. 70? 98? 52%?

me and my daughter performing: “I need a dollar”

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39 responses to “OCCUPY-movement

  1. The voices are trying to be heard.
    Powerful ….


  2. Two thousand marched in our city Saturday. (Pittsburgh PA)


  3. In 1929 the market crashed. In 20?? a more humane economics (humane markets) took the place a battered and laid to waste Wall St!


  4. We need alternatives to capitalism which is unfair to many people.


  5. Rainbow Warrior

    Free Trade has also played a great role in the present day situation. It gave Corporations including banks a lot of power which they should not have. The privately owned Federal Reserve is a major problem. The people of the US should own their own Central Bank. War is a huge problem as the cost is enormous. War only benefits profiteers. Corporations and yes Banks both make a fortune off war. All the NATO countries are in debt up their eye balls because of wars. Continual war will destroy the entire planet economically and of course pollution wise. The IMF and World Bank are horrid creatures who dictate policy to countries they lend money to and force countries to let in polluting corporations which destroy the environment in a big way. Capitalism is somewhat like Vampirism but eventually the Vampires run out of victims to bleed dry and feed on their own people. Deregulation is a creature invented by Capitalist and destroys. One of the problems that lead to the Bailouts a few years back. Main offenders the Banks.


  6. discussion about Greek in my photostream, click upon the picture:
    Greek Euro


  7. Voices need to be heard, but without violence. One day, I would love to see “peace” in all the lands !


  8. Northern Narratives

    Many people want change that is good for the people.


  9. Hi Frizztext: unfortunatelly, when you shake the hive, all bees are going into action> It is the reason for which the hive keepers should keep some honey in there, if they take it all, the bees are going to go hungry! Then is everybody’s guess :). Nice post, and I agree with your remarks: many should, still, be thankful.


  10. As much as I understand the occupy movements, my greater concern is that they not degenerate into violence. It has been peaceful to date but I see the winds are shifting… May God help us all.


  11. Personally I don’t have much to complain but as a citizen of this planet I have to stand up against the greed of the 1% that takes everything and destroys our planet……


  12. The movement has now spread to #OccupyEverywhere!


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  14. sparkvoice

    How do we determine what immoral is? and where are those values rooted? Greed and corruption are born from what? The problem is a lack of a moral compass. People no longer can be sure of right or wrong. Governments are relied upon to force charity which was previously rooted in a good neighbor – not a state.


  15. ted sotinsky

    Most Americans seem not to be aware that the U.S. post 9/11 has evolved into a new variety of a totalitarian state. The mass media has represented 9/11 as a watershed Christian moment, with the good forces fighting the evil forces in the world. The Imperial Presidency was created with the ability to push aside the constitution and international agreements and treaties in order to wage war against the evil forces of the world wherever they may be. There are now numerous enemies within and without that must be reckoned with, even if that means spying on the American public. The American Empire was thus born nourished by the totalitarian illusion or delusion of a democratic world led by the benign American Pentagon. The mass media zeitgeist has all Americans joined together in a unified totalitarian effort to vanquish the barbarians. Yet beneath this mass media propaganda lies the truth, and that is the corporate state’s waging of perpetual war for perpetual profits that the citizens are expected to repay in the form of low wages, unemployment and the relinquishment of social programs. These Hitlerian sacrifices must be made by the masses to wage pre-emptive wars against whoever the Imperial Presidency envisions as a threat to this New World Order. Yet, as I have already said, the real motive behind this vision is the financial gains by the corporate giants supporting the Pentagon and the bankers we must borrow money from with eternal interest to support this totalitarian vision. So if you wonder why people are involved in OWS, it is because the formality of voting is not an effective protest against this new American Empire of greed. People are fed up with having the blood of Iraqi’s and Afghan’s on their hands and with a government that does nothing for them and everthing for their corporate sponsors, even committing atrocities in foreign lands.


    • hi Ted,
      you wrote
      “The mass media zeitgeist has all Americans joined together in a unified totalitarian effort to vanquish the barbarians…”
      “…the financial gains by the corporate giants supporting the Pentagon and the bankers we must borrow money from with eternal interest to support this totalitarian vision…”
      O.K., I agree.
      And the Euro crisis in Europe, especially the Greek crisis: Germany sold for billions weapons to Greece (if they want fight vs. Turkey)
      the “totalitarian vision” (your term) in this case: a united Europe, where the North works and the South enjoys sun and holidays …
      Germany pays most of the billions for Greece, Portugal, Spain – and soon lazy Italy …


      • ted sotinsky

        First of all I was being critical of the U.S. corporate military state that since the end of WWII has employed an army of ivy league type think tank demagogues and ideologues to produce an historical mythology / narrative that provides enormous economic benefits to the large corporations. This corporate government does not represent the needs of the people and furthermore totally alienates the average American from the political process. Thus the government of America is essentially an illegitimate government because it does not work for the benefit of the average American. This think tank zeitgeist portrays America at a benign World Superpower with the Christian religious imperative to create a New World Order by imposing by military force client states to be used by America for economic exploitation. This blueprint for economic hegemony was developed and implemented by George Bush using WMD’s and 9/11 as an excuse to militarize foreign policy and invade whomever he wanted to with his Imperial Presidency. It did not matter that he violated the constitution or international treaties because he was the represenative of the good and was intent on destroying the evil. Such a world view was of course applauded by the defense industry and the bankers the U.S. borrows money from to support this zeitgeist.

        I am not a scholar at all but just an average American giving my opinion about world affairs. The government of Greece, like the U.S. government of the U.S. is not equivalent to their people. Voting in America is simply a formality, for there is in actuality two parties but a single ideology. The people of America have been forced by a traitorous goverment to sacrifice their privacy, dignity and domestic well-being to a bloody American Empire that beneifts the world’s wealthy elite. We are being asked to give up our social benefits for an Empire that we have no interest in and certainly do not benefit from. As far as the Italians and Greeks being lazy and enjoying the sun I think it is a racist statement and serves little purpose other than an attempt to berate and stereotype nationalities. As far as the Germans are concerned, it was the filthy bankers in America, Germany and Britain that backed their imperialism, just like corporations and bankers back America’s imperialism for their own greedy ends. Germany believed in pre-emptive wars for economic benefit, as does America. They are two peas in a pod: two totalitarian states with a very corrupt world view.


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  17. Hi Ted Sotinsky,
    as a foreigner (I’m German)
    I at least like to read your comments
    as an example for precise descriptions,
    you wrote:
    – This corporate government does not represent the needs of the people …
    – using 9/11 as an excuse to militarize foreign policy …
    – Such a world view was of course applauded by the defense industry and the bankers the U.S. borrows money from to support this zeitgeist.
    – Voting in America is simply a formality, for there is in actuality two parties but a single ideology.
    I’m a little amused that the word ZEITGEIST (original German term) went to US like the German words Autobahn and Kindergarten …
    another good sentence:
    “American’s have difficulty recognizing war criminals
    when they dress fashionably …”
    more at https://flickrcomments.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/condoleezza-rice/


  18. ted sotinsky

    There was fatso Hillary Clinton on TV urging Assad to step aside because of the large opposition to his government. Well by that same logic Mrs. Clinton, since the approval rating for Congress is less than 20%, all of Congress should resign. And while they are departing do us a favor and take Obama with you. Surveys indicate that the American people want socialized health insurance, want out of Iraq and Afghanistan, want the dismantling of the military empire and want strict regulation of the banking and financial sectors. However, Congress does not listen to what we want. Voting if a mere formality because both parties never listen to what we want. The conclusion is that our government in Washington is illegitimate and should be replaced as Mrs. fatso suggests Assad should be replaced. Get it!


  19. Dingo250

    Be an activist with higher consciousness. Take a look at TheGreaterReality.com


  20. Rainbow Warrior

    Congress got exposed for corruption. LOL Now a few people can get on their cases. This has been going for far too long. The more people that see this the better. Steal share whatever. I really dislike corruption. Thought you might enjoy this too. The Occupy movement needs all the help they can get. It’s not just the bankers making profits.


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  22. usually anarchism is criticized by capitalism and communism as well. anarchism seems to rank on the bottom position of morality. but it isn’t. kind of dictatorship was supported by systems of communism as well as capitalism. Thoreau (the only North American philosopher) would maybe understand the positive energy of anarchism: as actually in the occupy Wall St. movement …


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  24. in Frankfurt / Main, Germany, (Deutsche Bank, Ackermann etc.) the police yesterday destroyed the OCCUPY WALL STREET tents. The protesters shot with color vs. the police; in the USA, I’ve read, Ackermann was accused for taking 200,000,000 for a “good bye” to a job there; in Germany there are no restrictions for such a behavior; they treat the bank managers like gods …


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