Hélène Desplechin – B&W Photography

sunlight, water, human beings, silence: let me introduce the black and white photography of Hélène Desplechin
Shade drawing
Hélène Desplechin is a French female photographer, living in Madrid, featuring her Spanish impressions …
all photos by Hélène Desplechin, Madrid
4Two in one5water
6.7A picture from Mario Testino
click on the photos to visit her flickr website!
1 – Shade drawing (large)
2 – Sitting by the window
3 – Costaleros
4 – Two in one
5 – Swimming Pool
6 – face close up
7 – photo exhibition: Mario Testino

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7 responses to “Hélène Desplechin – B&W Photography

  1. The first one “Shade Drawing” is phenominal.
    Thanks for posting.


  2. Excellent post of wonderful photographs.


  3. Beautiful photos. Somotimes seeing the worlds in black and white is OK.


  4. theWomanAtTheWell

    Breathtaking! Thank Frizz good eye pleasing to gaze at. God Bless -WATW


  5. I enjoyed her work… TY! 🙂


  6. theflyingpenwriter

    I love her work, so I could not resist to check this post. Thank you, beautiful photos, charming with a very subtle touch.


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