Dueling Banjo

I like to play guitar and banjo as well.
16-tons-photo+Sepia, self portrait with Banjo
double self portrait – photos via Frizztext

above: me on my banjo AND on my guitar
I’m very amused by Tim Allan who plays both at the same time on stage. And he splits the audience into male and female to support the banjo (all girls) dueling versus the guitar (male voices) – enjoy and have fun watching the youtube video!
Tim Allan (Banjo + guitar) – DUELING BANJO vs. GUITAR – from the famous movie “Deliverance

compare the original movie “Deliverance” fragment:


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13 responses to “Dueling Banjo

  1. thank you for the musical teat!


  2. A lively start for my day, thanks!


  3. Nice way to start another week. Lovely music, contagious. Thanks FrizzText.


  4. Enjoyable.He has great skill. 😎


  5. Hehehe Great – I was only listening to this tune (by the Deer Lick Holler Boys) yesterday – The tune always raises a smile 🙂


  6. northernnarratives

    Fun music 🙂 Judy


  7. theWomanAtTheWell

    Double self portrait photos, the sunglasses reflection, the facial expression in the second one; they are wonderful! thanks for sharing. I enjoy your youtube site too.


  8. Thanks for the laughter and music. 😆


  9. thirdhandart

    Great self portrait photos! What a coincidence. I just heard this song being played on a banjo last Sunday at a festival. Are there any Octoberfests (or festivals) going on in your area?


  10. nice videos … fun. Banjo have an unusual sound I like.


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