Your first poster on the wall

Which was the first poster on your wall, when you were young? Some differences between girls and boys, I think. Pop stars? Landscapes? We had no money for posters but some friends gave me postcards. They became big large posters in my mind after all those years. But also the distance to the hidden messages grew. Aged 65 now I do not adore any war machines. Pacifism became the ideology in many German minds. No sympathy for any tanks and guns, warships or flying bombers. Times are a-changing.
F - 86 Sabre Chris Craft
photo by Kenny Shackleford
Kenny comments: F – 86 Sabre actually is serial number 53-806. Chris Craft was an F-86 flown in the Korean War by Lt. C. G. Cleveland who scored six kills. He later became Commander of the Air Training Command.
FrizzText comment: In Germany, short after World War II and during the fifties some publishers (MOEWIG Verlag) sold penny novels for the youth, telling stories from war “heroes”: doing their killing jobs in tanks, in submarines

Me 262 B-1a/U1 night fighter (converted traine...

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or in airplanes (like Walter Nowotny in his Me 262). Of course the allies disagreed after a while and those print messages were strictly forbidden. O.K. – but I cannot notice, that in the USA has been a similar process.
+ (Arthur Moewig Verlag)

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14 responses to “Your first poster on the wall

  1. I’m pretty sure I had a few posters (and sometimes I would make my own by cutting photos out of magazines and gluing them to large pieces of paper)…
    but I’m having a very difficult time remembering the details…
    not a good sign, I guess!


  2. I had a ‘Love Is’ poster, I think.

    Talking of WWII planes: I’ve flown in one of only (I think) three JU52s still operating. A South African Airways Junker.


  3. jakesprinter

    Great photo and Nice blog too:)


  4. Love the photo… I have no memories of posters on the wall at my home.
    Paintings and pictures, yes. Posters, no… 🙂


  5. Cool airplane! Well, a rock star was in one of my posters.


  6. Hard to believe but true: How little we actually know, beside what they want us to know, and then how contorted that is, isn’t it?


  7. my father’s jet had a triangle with the word DANGER inside just below his cockpit, and the squadron insignia – a viscious-looking wolf. He helped me build a model of an F4. A conflicting thing as a child, to hate something so deeply and want desperately for my father to come home alive. It was difficult to understand what peace was, even the protesters angry, warring to a car full of kids and a terrified mother trying to drive on the military base. I became a pacifist early on. And now I’m co-existing with a wolf pack living where I do. I like that very much.

    Thanks for your wise words.

    as for the 1st poster — If I remember right I think it was a hand-me-down from my sister – Janis Joplin!


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  9. Lockheed T-33
    title=”Lockheed T-33″ by john11k


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