1953-1963, first failures

1953 - storytelling
photo featuring me, aged seven, 1953 in my German hometown Wuppertal,
shot by a newspaper journalist who made a story
about one of my first failures πŸ™‚

1963 memories

we are all human beings who managed to overcome somehow – once, 1953, I was in danger, aged 7, as I had climbed up a long stairway in a ruined house and found no way back because many steps were missing (bombs of the WW II in Germany); a fireman’s emergency team arrived with a long ladder – very expensive for my parents to pay;
aged 17, 1963, I swam in the river Rhine between big ships – very dangerous. as I came back to my clothes on the shore after two hours: water police was waiting.
aged 22 me and my girl friend tried to cross a lake in the night (long distance swimmer‘s challenge); romantic, the moonlight, the silence; but it was very cold and my girl friend got weak; after we’ve been saved I decided to take care of myself and my loved ones …

Atomic bombing of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.
I was born 1945

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17 responses to “1953-1963, first failures

  1. Wow Frizz, I am impressed with your daring and your swimming. I was never one for taking many chances when I was young.

    And by the way, great photos of you.


  2. just had a dialog about those times …

    I remember I played that song on my guitar 1961
    times are a-changin’


  3. and together with my father I played

    he played Mandolin and me Banjo


  4. but with

    I started to forget my father …


  5. Wonderful old photographs…
    It makes me cringe when I stop and think about some of the dangerous things I did when I was younger…


  6. northernnarratives

    I like old photos and stories – wow you had many adventures πŸ™‚


  7. Melanie

    Oh yes, we have no fear or real focus on consequence in our youth! Although it may put us in danger, it may also be a plus in positive contributions in our world!
    Sometimes I shiver thinking of some of the things I (luckily) got away with in those younger days, but it helped make me who I am, good or bad…;-/


  8. jakesprinter

    Your Story is great and you preserve photo s very well nice shot πŸ™‚


  9. Wolfgang Hermann

    hi frizz
    love this stories of a great person

    und deine offenheit von deinen fehlern zu berichten
    herzl wolfgang


  10. comments in my flickr photo-pool to my story:
    by maistora:
    Danger is in.the eye of the beholder, to paraphrase the old saying about beauty πŸ™‚
    Some see danger where there’s none, others don’t notice obvious threats – a matter of perspective. There’s always a probability that something will turn out bad, but like you, I only think of it if it does happen. Or sometimes, if it doesn’t – but others point to me afterwards what could have happened πŸ™‚
    Every danger is only as big as our fear of it…
    by Drgn Master:
    It is the events of our past that forge our future. Most of us have had our fair share of trauma and danger, and if we survive we are usually stronger for the experience. Thank you for sharing a bit of your past.
    The photo is a very typical one of that generation. πŸ™‚ I have similar in my repertoire, prior to our departure from Europe to Canada.
    The Lady of Shalot:
    Well, apparently it was written (in the water? πŸ˜‰ that you had to survive. And not only YOU have survived. Your grand children too, who were in your future. And all the people who will come after them.
    When someone very young dies -in some silly accident or in war- I always think about how much of the future has been changed by the suppression of a single life.
    BTW, If I ‘d been your girlfriend at 22 I would have followed you too through the cold water of the lake, no matter how silly the thing could be – look at that fascinating, naughty face of heartthrob! πŸ˜‰
    reply by frizztext:
    something of an old rite in those adventures, a question to GOD: will you take care of me – or not? decide. seems, he decided to let me overcome …


  11. related:
    photo by maistora, on Flickr


  12. This photo is very precious not only for your family but also for us.
    Thank you for sharing. 😎


  13. Great superstar looks you had back in the day Frizztext… Handsome young man. πŸ™‚ Love those black and white shots… πŸ™‚


  14. Could be luck, could be destiny, or just that, an occurance: Without each and every one of these past occurances, chances are… We would not be sharing keyboard tiptoes, without them. And like us…The rest of all of us. :).


  15. http://northernnarratives.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/college-kids-still-love-real-mail/#comment-676
    “best mail received is a big care package …” –
    in Germany 1952 school kids got care packages from the U.S. with chocolate and little plastic toys
    – we were so glad – the only things we had to play with!


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