photo by Barbara F.
I tried to find a photo illustrating the mood of the song composed by Elton John.
There are cover versions by Mary J. Blige, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker etc.
I try to do my very best via fingerstyle guitar – visit my youtube channel

chords, I like to play in E minor (guitar is tuned down to C / C minor):
Em Am D G/D chorus: C B G A7 Am H7 Em
to play while listening to the video of Elton John: Kapo III. = Gm
to play with Joe Cocker or Ray Charles: Kapo I. = Fm, with Mary J Blige: Kapo VI. = Bbm
Nataly Dawn or Suzy Boguss and Chet Atkins: Kapo V. = Am
compare also another portrait shot by my wife Barbara at the same location:
Café Blues

Elton John Kapo III. = Gm

Mary J. Blige Kapo VI. = Bbm

Joe Cocker Kapo I. = Fm

Ray Charles Kapo I. = Fm

Nataly Dawn Kapo V. = Am

Suzy Boguss and Chet Atkins: Kapo V. = Am

About frizztext

writer, photographer, guitarist

5 responses to “SORRY-seems-to-be-the-hardest-word

  1. Very god music! I like very much the photo by Barbara F.


  2. Yes it is… and I don’t get why some people have a hard time saying sorry… 🙂


  3. version translated to German by Anne Haigis

    related musician: Jens Filser on guitar (D-hole),
    “Strassenmusik, die diese Band jeden Donnerstag von 20.30 bis 22.00 in der Bonner Innenstadt spielt…”


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