My first guitar

Django Reinhardt looking over my shoulders, during I try not to drive out of key on my electric guitar; yes it is self irony, maybe even blasphemy to put Django Reinhardt together with me into the same frame (so he burned my ear) …
my first guitar
photo by Barbara F.
Sorry to say: this is not my first guitar. I was forced by my parents to sell my first guitar, as I insisted to buy a photo camera. So I made documents from my first journey: on a bicycle from Germany upwards the river Rhine till I reached the Alps in Switzerland (aged 16). Aged 18, I earned my first own money in the army – and bought at once a guitar again, a cheap Fender copy. As I returned home, my kind parents had brought to trash all my collected analog negative film rolls. In those times I had not much money for paper prints, so I lost many image documents. I continued to play guitar all my life time (with various guitars) and I continued to shoot photos (with various cameras: AGFA, Yashica, Practica, Canon, Lumix). Sometimes I think the world wide music industries destroyed often the capability to listen. I had more dialogs about photography than about music. Sometimes it is difficult to support both “languages” – the language for ears and the language of eyes. And to write? It was always available to buy a cheap notebook and a pencil …

me, playing guitar on my youtube channel

Portrait of Django Reinhardt, Aquarium, New Yo...

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11 responses to “My first guitar

  1. Beautiful Frizzetext: way to start Wednesday morning. Thanks!


  2. An outstanding portrait!
    I know what it’s like to lose work, though… so I really cringed when read that part about your negatives… ouch!


    • they put away my photo negatives, because they liked to hurt my soul, destroying what I loved deeply. they were not my real parents, they adopted me. It was a nightmare. What I learned from this? Fight for the things you love – there are many (unbelievable) who examine how to destroy what you love. Thanks to all, who supported me on the other hand in my lifetime. I am glad that there are so many positive thinking human beings. I try to forget the evil ones – at least to ignore them if they creep into my mind again …


  3. northernnarratives

    Thank you for writing such a thoughtful post. I also know what it is like to have my soul hurt but fortunately there are many wonderful and kind people in the world 🙂 Judy


  4. Anonymous

    I’m so sorry that you grew up with such unloving parents, but I know what it’s like. My father was an alcoholic and when he was on a bender he would take out his frustrations on his wife and six kids. The outside world thought my father was an intelligent, funny and generous friend. No one would have believed the truth. Growing up, I always thought there must be something wrong with me. My own father, who loved and was loved by everyone, abused me.
    I can see your injured soul in your photography and hear it in your blues. But, you seem to have a loving family now and a loving family is a healing, priceless gift.
    I apologize if I’ve said too much. I’m not an expert – just a blogging friend. Take care. -Theresa


  5. i always have enjoyed the soulful side of music…thanks for sharing your passion..


  6. I wish your parents were kinder… But I would say that it has made you compassionate… 🙂


  7. Very cool! 😀 I wish I could played guitar! Thanks for sharing this video! Thanks for lifting my day after a long day of work! 🙂


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