Lesson for modern architecture

Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe etc.: architecture has changed, is usually producing cigar boxes with flat roofs and a lot of glass and steel. In history architecture had other goals: not to be the highest needle in the city skyline but in the contrary: to be hidden for some enemies. No airplane had the chance to hit. If cannonballs did, the inhabitants of the Predjama castle for example had a refuge nearby: a large cave, the “Erazem’s Tunnel”. Architecture during many centuries was a creative use of landscape. The expression of a landscape very often was similar to the expression of the buildings. Maybe modern architects should learn again from their ancestors.
The path towards the 'stable' cave below Predjama Castle
photo by Ben Visbeek, Amsterdam – read his comments by clicking on the photo. Ben Visbeek has mentioned, that the Predjama Castle, located just 11 kilometres from Postojna, Slovenia, was featured in the 1986 movie “Armour of God” starring Jackie Chan.

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39 responses to “Lesson for modern architecture

  1. This is incredible, and I agree with you that modern architects should learn from their predecessors. This resembles modern-organic architecture in its ability to become an extension of the cliff itself. Great post!


  2. grannydog

    This is amazing!


  3. Well said. . . and photographed!


  4. I also think “modern architects should learn again from their ancestors.” who is ecology and smart than now.


  5. northernnarratives

    Thank you for this interesting photo and information. It is incredible!


  6. Breathtaking! Amazing! Beautiful! I’m just in awe of this magnificent structure.


  7. How cool is that?!
    I’m sure glad I didn’t have to help build it, though.


  8. Breathtaking….what an achievement to build such a structure.


  9. What a breathtaking structure! Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Simply amazing! 🙂
    I’m finally catching up on everyone’s blog. Thank you for your patience! 🙂


  11. architecture replica collection in Japan:
    similar to LEGO-Land in Denmark, some location in Las Vegas etc. – but: much better!!!


  12. This actually looks a bit like the Monastery in Jericho.


  13. TBM

    That first building is amazing! It is hard to tell where the building really starts. Thanks for sharing my link!


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  16. Türme San Gimignano
    title=”Türme San Gimignano” by Michael and Astrid Seelmann


  17. Ole Scheeren’s Grand Visions
    “… the rising star wants to take on the Gehrys and Fosters by opening an office in London. Here, the CCTV tower in Beijing…”


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    • I agree that modern architects could learn something from their predecessors. Square concrete boxes are so dull. That being said, I’ve no problem with buildings trying to stand out in a city skyline, so long the building is interesting and compliments those already there.


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