Refugee Journeys

too much whites
photo by Barbara F.
the journey of the refugees is not traveled alone, they need friendliness and support – but Europe is constructing a strong fence vs. boat people coming from Africa …
Cayuco con inmigrantes (Boat with subsaharian inmigrants).
photo by Miguel Angel Adam

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7 responses to “Refugee Journeys

  1. The plight of refugees is one that we should all pay attention to… sadly many don’t.
    TY Frizztext! 😉


  2. Miguel A. Adam

    Fortunately this year has reduced the number of small boats with immigrants to the Canary Islands. But the years before the situation was very worrying.
    There were many craft outlets in Africa that never reached destination, they resulted lost in the ocean.


    • thank you, Miguel, for giving permission to use your great photo again – that handmade boat is such a contrast to the police and military equipment of Europe. sorry to hear from you, that many were lost in the ocean – for sure by wrong navigation, technical disasters, wrong winds, sometimes ignored by military, who had not the order to help …


  3. Another very touching posting…..


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